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    Quote Originally Posted by Equalizer View Post
    No, only Lei Shen has guaranteed drop. Ra-den is still random.
    you sure on that? I did it on my monk who is my new main and is a bit behind so I can't confirm but im pretty sure all 5 people without the cloak in our raid got runestones off both.
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    got my first runestone in 5 weeks today thanks for the 100% sure one ill get the cloak sometime i guess

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    Didn't get a Runestone off Lei Shen this week. I did only start my quest this week after completing LFR. According to this post it should of gave me a Runestone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kutartwo View Post
    Well, Yes... People who were doing normal or heroic had many more chances to get the sigils (probably a month and a half of extra bosses, can`t remember the exact amount), which means they were able to start on the runestones much earlier than us. That and heroic raiders have an extra chance with ra-den. For the most part LFR raiders are half way or just starting through runestones. Its the very select few lfr raiders with great luck that are nearing or have just completed the quest.
    My alt that only does LFR started a week earlier on stones than my main that is raiding normal/heroic. It's also a 7/12 quest status now, with this week's id not even played.

    My main is at 5/12 (got the one from Lei Shen LFR, and Durumu, Primordius and Dark Animus yet to be killed this ID). Didn't want to wait for the normal/heroic mode kills.

    So much for normal/heroic raiders getting a significant head start. RNG doesn't love some people. And the amount of players that kill Ra-den isn't very high yet.

    Quote Originally Posted by Soultics View Post
    Didn't get a Runestone off Lei Shen this week. I did only start my quest this week after completing LFR. According to this post it should of gave me a Runestone.
    Write a ticket. If you have the quest, Lei Shen will drop a stone for you. If he hasn't, yours is one of the cases where you may have entered LFR/killed Lei Shen while the hotfix wasn't applied properly yet. GM will mail you a runestone.
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    6/12 three weeks now. Thank god the fix is on the horizon, stupid RNG asshat quest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SodiumChloride View Post
    OMFG! My precious pixels ... in the hands of ... ... BADS ...

    Oh the humanity!
    Well it IS a little silly that the RNG has been that awkward that some players who've been on the quest for months are still behind some people who've been on it for weeks.

    And seeing as it's an ilvl boost, isn't faster acquisition of ilvl supposed to be a function of raid difficulty anyway?

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    7/12, 2 weeks of LFR

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    Quote Originally Posted by tioz View Post
    Actually I don't know exactly on which day I got my LMG / Echoes of the Titans. But I somehow remember the following droprates:


    Tho next ID I will get the cloak (I hope :x) and I got a very steady droprate. Most guildmates started with me and they're all on 3-8.
    Got it yesterday, 1 from Animus and 1 from Lei Shen... 6 weeks in total.
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    2-2-1-1-1-0-0-2 only 3 to go. Still annoyed as hell. This RNG is just stupid

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    Quote Originally Posted by SodiumChloride View Post
    OMFG! My precious pixels ... in the hands of ... ... BADS ...

    Oh the humanity!
    It would be more "fair" if heroics had the greatest chance of dropping them, followed by normal and last lfr. I'm on 4 :s

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    Feels "good" to be me.

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    I got my first stone for the last 6 weeks. This one was the guaranteed drop from lei shen. Screw this quest >.<
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    2, 0, 0, 0, 0 and 1. Haven't done anything yet this week though.
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    2-0-0-0-1-1 or something like this (ra-den dropped one dont know if he has a 100% chance)

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    1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0...shit game
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    Two people in our 10man setup got their cloaks last night, another one is guaranteed to get it this week (currently at 11). The other people in our group, including me, are at around 3-5 stones. Fantastic distribution ...

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    3 weeks ago i got 4 in the same reset putting me at 10/12.2 weeks without a single runestone now.Got the guaruanteed one from lei shen putting me at 11...... another weeks waiting.

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    Just started this reset with the Runestonequest. I got 3 this week in LFR, guess that isnt that bad after all :/

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    Thanks to the hotfix, it looks like it will only take me another 6 weeks to finish this quest.

    5 weeks without a single drop, gg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fanatik View Post
    Decided to do LFR this week for runestones to see if my luck would change at all. Looks like LFR > Heroic bosses.... 2 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 1. Grats to the hunter that was in that LFR on looting the heart while doing 42k dps on lei shen!
    Up to 7 now. 5 more weeks!

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