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    "There are two types of guys in this world. Guys who sniff their fingers after scratching their balls, and dirty fucking liars." -StylesClashv3
    Quote Originally Posted by Kalis View Post
    Not finding-a-cock-on-your-girlfriend-is-normal level of odd, but nevertheless, still odd.

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    Id be an auctioneer, those guys probably make some sick cash with all the work they have.

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    Goblin engineer, maybe even mage as well. Remember time is money friend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grisset View Post
    It's nice to think we could be knights and generals and Uther's and Jon Snow's and Kingsguards and members of the Kirin Tor, but you wouldn't be. I think we'd all be lucky to be Budds or Hodors.
    That's debatable. By book four, the queen regent is so easy I'm sure most of us could find ways to get a taste of high society...

    OT, a Magister in Silvermoon.

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    probably a black smith or brewer. Orc of course.

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    A Lowly repair man.
    I would be happy to repair peoples items all day everyday, Slowly taking your gold off you
    Nuclear weapons: A firm public commitment to build the £100bn renewal of the Trident weapons system, followed by an equally firm private commitment not to build it. They’re secret submarines, no one will ever know. It’s a win win.

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    Human Warlock
    I would be male, instead of my female characer off course
    I would be member of Explorer's League and Lorewalkers and one of the greatest lorewalker ever.
    I might have had a museum in Stormwind, near library, or in Ironforge.
    also I woudl have a secret lab/chamber under museum and my demon collection there

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    An orc questgiver who would be relevant for one xpac. Early retirement ftw!

    Or a gnome selling christmas lights, halloween pumpkins and other holiday decorations. Since the seasonal stuff covers all of Azeroth every so often, someone is surely making a fortune.

    Or maybe a human baker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RyokuchaMidori View Post
    Then we will know what is like to be one to those useless NPC and wished we had been nicer to them.

    Such a buzz kill. >_<

    To be more in the spirit of this thread, my character would be a mage serving to carry out the Banshee Queens experiments. I, myself, would an arena backer or announcer (the "equivalent" of my IRL job).
    If there's one thing World of Warcraft players hate more than people who don't play, it's people that do play but not as much as them.

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    I would like to be a warrior in sotrmwind military (as a human of course), but with my attitude i fit better to rouge

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    DK Assasin. Killing people with plagues, torturing them with my ghoul, freezing their fingers off, exploding their children corpses and the list goes on and on. I'd have so much fun!

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    Orgrimmar LAPD; Sexual harrasment department.
    I would be a lone detective in a city full of crime, a lone guardian of asses of orgrimmar.
    I would have aura noir that would suck all colors from enviroment in 200 yards exept for white,black and red. Also it would make neverending rain.

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    Human Male Innkeeper at the canals of Stormwind City's park.
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    I would probably be a nobody, so I would try and travel to Moonglade, and, assuming I don't die in Felwood on the way there, I'd remain there and try and learn about druidism and the Emerald Dream (and maybe how to either get back to the real world or bring the people I care about in Azeroth).

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    I guess I'd be a hunter whatever race, getting friends with every animal. Or even rescuing them!
    Then becoming a stablemaster, when I cant go on adventures anymore.
    As a hobby I would be a battle pet tamer! Having all the cutest animals in the world!
    And when it's weekend I would drink in Dalaran with all of my friends.
    I'd probably have a farm out in panda-land with a big yard full of the animals I've befriended!
    Now and then there would come an adventurer seeking knowledge about them.

    aaaahhhh..... 10 times better than what I got stuck with now

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    I'd be a traveling alchemist who's got a potion, flask or elixir for every occasion. Or maybe an enchanter, I don't know, one of those two.
    Q: Where the fuck is Xia Xia, SIU?!?!
    A1: She needs to start making eggs for Easter...
    A2: Drunk and sleeping somewhere.

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    In your base, killing your dudes
    I would be a questgiver!
    It was never Hardcore Vs Casual. It was Socialites Vs. Solo players
    Quote Originally Posted by ringpriest View Post
    World of Warcraft started life as a Computer Roleplaying Game, where part of the fun of the game experience was pretending to be your character. Stuff like applying poisons and eating food enhanced the verisimilitude of the experience of playing a fantasy character in another world. Now that game has changed to become a tactical arcade lobby game.

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    On the outside, I'd be a traveling merchant, traveling to far away worlds, bringing back materials, spices, and whatnot to sustain myself.

    - On the inside, I'd train myself on the dark arts, and become a warlock, summoning demons from beyond the void and dulling into sacrifical magic.
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    I would be 'the' Murloc that unites the murloc clans in to an unstoppable army!


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    Amour/weapon repairer. Those dudes must be billionaires by now

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