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    I'd be a player character. I'd have astonishing adventures, wear outrageous outfits that clearly place form over function but still are somehow more powerful than the ones they replaces, die regularly but just come back from the dead with a bit of gear damage, grow in power exponentially to the point that it's really just silly, and have a kill count in the tens of thousands. Honestly I think the story of what would happen if there were player characters like the ones we play and all the mechanics etc were canon would be a very interesting one.

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    I would like to do something like being a healer at a ward or something, or a teacher of the ways of my specialty.

    Or a master conjurer of delicious food.
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    I'd be a paladin. I love the martial prowess / way of thinking / spiritual thing that comes with it. That does not say that I concur with what all paladins in WoW have done at all. Think that I would mostlikely be a bit like Tirion but weirdly enough Arthas wouldn't be impossible either.

    But if I had a normal job, I would probably be working at the stables in Elwynn Forest.

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    I'd probably be a Cenarin Druid, healing the earth still after Deathwing's destructive outburst. Or cleaning up after the Goblin toxic spills.
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    I would work at the wine shop in stormwind ...I hear a lot of hot night elves woman frequent the place

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    I'd be a faerie dragon, collecting money from 5.2 lfr wipes and sprinkling my magic faerie dust all over the poor sods to make 'em feel happy. But I think that position's already been taken, so I'd be one of those whale sharks no one cares about anymore and live my live alone as a hermit.. shark. Yeah.

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    I would propably be a random SW citizen just to die 150 times on horde attacks. _-_

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    I would be a repair guy, give me all ze moneyy!!!

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    I'd be a hunter and move to Grizzly Hills where I would fish, hunt, and relax.

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    Lazy peon, no contest.
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    This is America. We always have warm dead bodies.
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    Moral of the story, all things are solved by a high power to weight ratio.

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    Groundskeeper in Illidan's harem.
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    Look Batman really isn't an accurate source by any means
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    It is a fact, not just something I made up.

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    Would probably be a high elf locked up in dire maul spending the majority of my time reading and creating inscriptions.

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    i would be an Undead Slayer, never dead. And ferocity.

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    A Dalaran Mage.

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    Hmmm...if you meant if I was to take myself as I am now and be transported to Azeroth...I'd say Blacksmith, I've always found the profession (as in the real one) to be fascinating. I've seen videos on youtube of actual blacksmiths making things and while it'd be hard as hell, I think that's what I'd try and do. I'd imagine I'd hang around Stormwind for a bit and try to become an apprentice, then look to move to a small village and work as the village blacksmith, or maybe try to get a post in the army as an official army blacksmith, I'm pretty sure the Stormwind army would have a bunch of those for military weapons and general repairs (Village blacksmiths would be kept busy making tools for the villagers and such)
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    I would definitely be a blacksmith. A casual hangarounder, but who is capable of fighting when it is needed.

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    I would be a chef or a tailor working in Dalaran. (I love Dalaran)

    If I could be a hero then i'll be a resto druid...

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    I would be a warlock. On the outside others would view me as a cold but not evil person.
    In secrecy i would be experimenting and formulating with dark magics. Inventing methods of creating new spells and summoning more powerful demons.
    I would kidnap people who nobody would miss off the streets and treat them as subjects for my experiments.
    I would be striving for more and more power, and in the process i would probably find a way to contact sargeras or kiljaiden and join the burning legion. And most likely die in the process, but i'll have my soul bound to something so i could not entirely die.
    I would never stop my quest for more power, if it meant destroying cities or whatnot i would do it if it meant getting closer to my goal.
    My goal would be to reign supreme over a legion of demons, to have the world shake and fear my very name.
    The spells i would primarily be searching for would be much more than simple corruption, agony and unstable affliction. I would try to create spells that somehow work with ones memory, giving you horrific visions of people in your memory being tortured as they lived their final hours. I would invent a fel immolate spells, that does not burn you, but instead make you feel the paain as though you were being burnt alive.
    In my rein for power i would slowly by my very own hand begin taking control of both the alliance and the horde. I would probably start small by taking out mere soldiers to test my powers but as i become more confident i would aim higher and eventually aim for the heads of the leaders of the horde and alliance.
    For the faction leaders i would use my dark magic on them and make them suffer until they eventually bow down to my will and join me.
    It is important to remember that if you kill everybody, there would be nobody left to do your bidding. If they perchance resisted me long enough, that would not change my plans. The spells i would affect them with are mind spells.
    My spells would torture their minds and affect them with agonizing pain, only their true belief of following me could remove the pain. and if a though of opposing me ever showed up, the pain would return just much worse than before until they eventually died.
    I would bind the souls of the faction leaders to this word, but bind them in a way that their souls would never be free. Who knows if i one day might need a soul.

    And lastly i would find a way to remove my own soul- and somehow immortalize my own body. This might not immortalize me but a beginning would be to begin absorbing demons into my very being absorbing their minds and powers as my own until i eventually became something more.

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    I would be a human shaman. Adopted by a tauren after I was found 25 years ago by a friendly tauren. I was washed up ashore and the Tauren found a small child taking the child as her own. When the humans are found in kalimdor I was with one of the tauren tribes scattered around the place. I didn't know about them until after the battle for mt hyjal. We move to Mulgore to settle with the rest of the taurens. I then learn we are apart of this "horde" I then travel to orgrimmar with my tauren friends and find i am being looked at strangely by these orc creatures.

    I learn that I am a "human" and not a tauren. Regardless I do continue to server the horde and on the side I learn more about these "humans".

    I would then become part of the hordes heroes who go around ending the big bad threats. I guess i'd need a hot blood elf chick

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    I'd be an undead, selling vanity pets like spiders or something.
    Would become best buds with the cockroach vendor.

    Sitting on a stone floor under stairs in the Undercity next to my new best friend, selling a minipet about once a day.
    Yeah, that'd be pretty sweet.

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