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    Loot Council Addons

    Our guild is currently using Loot Council as our Loot System. Everything is working well but I had a question. I generally have a notebook that I keep track of attendance and who gets what gear. I was curious if there was an addon that is clean and easy to use that will keep track of this or a spreadsheet already made online that I could snag to use. Anyone know of anything?

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    I use Headcount2 after testing a few different options I found this one to have the features we needed including XML/TXT export and simple/fast to use during raid.

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    I use Mizus Raid Tracker. Works well for us and will do what you need judging by your post.

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    I use lootcouncil lite for loot distribution and Mizus Raid Tracker for attendance/loot received etc.
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    We use EPGP_Lootmaster for collecting mainspec/minor upg/offspec etc. bids, and ignore the EPGP functionality and distribute with loot council.

    We use Mizus Raid Tracker for attendance / loot recording, which will also export to our Enjin site's loot/attendance tracking module which displays it publicly to our guild on our website.

    Ouroloot also has loot tracking functionality and I believe will allow you to see loot received on a player by player basis, something you can't do with MRT. I run this concurrently with MRT but don't really use it much.

    EPGP_LM will also auto generate "loot received" messages to MRT when the person is out of range for you to see the client message that they received loot (which is how MRT records), which is pretty much the best thing ever. So everyone can freely go clear trash while loot is distributed without forcing the loot master to individually add each item to MRT manually.

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