Bats seem to target ppl doing healing aggro above anything else. When my guild was learning Tortos, as a guardian druid on bat tanking, I was having quite a bit of trouble picking up bats before they smacked someone. I noticed that they went after A) one of the 3 healers, or B) Tortos tank whenever he had used Enraged Regeneration. Finally, it clicked during an encounter when I used Tranq and the bats snapped to me (It had been over 30 attempts by this point) that I could try using Rejuvenation. I then found out that by having rejuve rolling on 3 targets, the bats would snap to me.

So, if all the above comments dont help, spec into that HoT heal and have 3-4 of em rolling on the raid when bats come out.

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If your dps are attacking them before they land there's really nothing you can do. I simply jump into them with holy wrath which is enough to out threat the healers and then i'm set.

100k dps just on bats doesn't sound unreasonable, why do you need to kill them quicker?
If they need to kill them quicker, its most likely due to them not getting bats down before stomps.