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    ...Why are we killing Gamon if he's clearly fighting the Kor'kron?

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    Mutated Abomination effect once again reduces his damage taken from non-Fully Mutated players by 75% on 10-player and 25-player Heroic difficulty only.

    I don't understand that change. How was it before?
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    I know its anecdotal, but I have never had an issue with the LFR system. If I get in with 1 or 2 bosses down, I stay to the end, re-queue and only once or twice have I been put into another group with a boss down, and it has only been on times where I only killed the 3rd boss and re-queued and then I got in on the 2nd boss.

    Maybe its just me, but I think people put way to much into the idea of "must get done asap!! Need to work on other alts!!"

    Just me though.

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    Gamon FTW. I cant wait to see how Gamon will mess up the Kor Kron. Thats what happens when you take away a big mofo's alcohol.
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    Gamon... for... Warchief?!

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    Gamon is going to kick ass..
    I cant wait to see him get his revenge for real now.. He is proberly going to have some part in the overtaking of Orgrimmar

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    The people whining about LFR... jesus christ, people. Just deal with it.

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    No longer will Gamon be kicked around!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myzou View Post
    ...Why are we killing Gamon if he's clearly fighting the Kor'kron?
    This is what I also find very baffling.

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    So that's why there is Kor'kron presence in the Barrens. Gamon does War Stomp and they land there.

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    I've always wondered why Gamon is hunched over,as if looking for something? Maybe he dropped a contact lense and cant see? So when you attack him his rage at being unable to find said contact lens projects onto the player. Would be funny if he was warchief though,the only warchief we could attack for lewts when we are bored.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RecklessMil View Post
    This is what I also find very baffling.
    Do we need a reason, except meat, for attacking delicious cows?
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    Gamon is going to be so honed and power-veteran after his bullying from npc's and players he won't just be Warchief he will become a God of war and survival.

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    Hm thats kinda weird. Here is his story:

    (how he got in OG and why he is killeable)

    (how he got lvls)

    Now the question is....why did he rebel against garrosh?

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    Makes me wonder where Gamon levels up.

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    Think this settles the new warchief questions... GAAAMON!

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    I love how everyone is all pro-Gamon and there is just that one guy that has an issue with him >_>

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    In-game Browser - should let access wowhead and world of logs at least from in-game browser. Also would be nice to be able to use facebook, youtube, redtube

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    Gamon is a nobody and originally only for rogue quest line for pick pocketing.... this is a long drawn out dumb joke.

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    From that screenshot, looks like the Gamon fight will largely be about controlling the Spiny Lizard and Dung Beetle adds.

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