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    if even Gamon has a role in the siege, then surely Saurfang must be there.

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    blizzard care only for hordes !
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    I hope gamon is the new leader of the horde.

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    Lol at ingame browser, Blizzard stop copying features from other games! ermegerd!

    (The Secret World)

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    About fucking time they did something to Gamon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Necrotica View Post
    What amuses me is Gamon is on par for the Horde side with a long running joke, just like Hogger is for the Alliance...

    So I'm confused why there is any hate.

    I used to play Alliance in vanilla/bc and the joke was always to form 40 man raids to take hogger at like lvl 1 *shrugs*

    And naturally Blizzard key'd in on the joke and extended the life of Hogger to other stuff, like the dungeon.
    those 40 man hogger raids were awesome. especially the times when it was 40 gnomes
    I hope Gamon will get even more attention in future patches. After all, the guy must have so much anger stored up inside after getting his wallet stolen every 2 freaking minutes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Calthric View Post
    Agreed. It's sad that he's gotten more attention over the years than some of the playable races and major lore characters. I suppose that shows just how dire things have become.
    Exactly if nobody ganked him every time they ran by him just because he could be attacked he wouldnt be what he is now. The fans are what made him what he is.

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    I really think Durumu was by far the funnest, most challenging boss. Sure, it took a little time for all of our 10 man to get down the maze, but we did it. Making this maze easier will just make the fight boring. I'm disappointed. :/ I like the challenge. Learn to move your camera angle...

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    So that Ingame Browser... could it be the "It hasn't been announced yet"-thing?
    As far as I understand it's possible to allow access to several sites like Wowdb / ~head / etc. sooner or later.

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    Yay Gamon is back

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