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    Rate my _______________ Shaman threads

    Hello fellow shamans. I have a problem.

    This forums search function makes my brain bleed. Are there any rate my enhancement/resto/elemental shaman threads active? Or are there possible dead threads that we could resurrect?

    I'm looking for a thread for elemental shamans to get critiqued on, also a place where I can find a plethora of elemental shamans that I can view on armory.

    Let me know if I'm completely retarded and missing something that's right in front of my face, or not.


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    There used to be one but it was long gone.

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    Oh yeah i remember those, last i saw a hance one was years ago, either here or wow legit forums.. they are an awesome idea.

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    PS. I took telluric currents glyph as I was healing heroics as elemental and I used it to help my mana pool a bit

    I raid in a 25 man guild currently working on Lei Shen Normal

    I welcome any critique!!


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