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    Jinrokh hc disci tipps?

    I'm gonna start heroic raiding this week starting with jinrokh.
    Just wanted to ask if you have some general tipps for the fight as a discipline priest.
    For example when to stack Spirit Shell?
    Sorry for my bad english

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    Whether its wrong or right, I dont even use SS on this fight. My bad luck always makes me have to move out due to a spark right before the ball dodging phase, so I dont even bother. . I might try fitting in a few SS'ed PoHs next kill while we are in the water, but bosses hate me with their "move now!" abilities.

    PW:S anyone targeted by a spark (Body and Soul is nice to help them move faster), PW:S a few targets of ionization, and as many people as I can during ball dodging (with Cascade and PoM usage). Otherwise, Atonement heal when standing in the water is what I do.(btw out kill last night, PW:S was my top heal).

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    my way on this boss:
    I try to stack ss before ionization, shield ppl to be dispelled (i only shield ppl who i dispell and those who are low, not whole raid)
    on storm - shield people, keep close to middle to be in range, use pom on cd and cascade once ppl start dropping
    I also shield person who gets the focused lighty thing following, once they get far enough to stop - both to prevent dmg and to make coming back faster (b&s)

    I use atonement glyphs for this fight, smite, penance on move and range one.
    can make smity use of fluidity, although i wouldnt worry too much about it during first few tries. once dispelling goes well and storm feels less messy, can work on improving positioning and movement. thing to remember is that ppl in it get increased healing even if you stand out of it.

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    I find that spirit shelling before lighting storm was rarely beneficial. 10 seconds before it began the raid was already spreading out.

    Last night I began spiritshelling before the static burst before ionization (when everyone is grouped up in the pool ) and it did wonders for stability. Then 15 seconds before the lightning phase (typically right when I run back from dispelling myself) I started throwing out PWS on every member I could so that I could effectively shield them all twice during the lightning phase.

    This tactic shot my HPS up and if we hadn't of lost half our raid due to some ionization screw up I'm sure I would have parsed top 10 (Ranked 21st with a long winded 10 players left standing dpsing the boss down at the end)

    Obviously PoM on CD and cascading half way into it goes without saying.

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    I do H 25 every week and it's rare if I'm not topping the meters or at least #2. The best way to use SS is right before the AoE (Static Burst) that hits the entire raid. I believe there IS a timer for Static Burst so using SS right before it is the most efficient way, or during Lightning Storm. It's fairly useless to ATTEMPT to use SS during the lightning ball dance because you need to be moving for that at all times (unless you want to die or find a safe spot); best way to get through that phase is to shield everyone and Cascade, use Penance on yourself or others (also PoM of course).

    When Ionization is out try to shield the targets that couldn't dispel themselves and whose timer is running out (we spread out outside the pool so people's timers run out), that way these targets won't be extremely low going into lightning ball dance. If you are in a 10 man guild I assume that dispelling everyone BEFORE the timer runs out is very doable, so you can shield everyone before they get dispelled.

    Rinse and repeat for every single pool phase and dance phase, stay alive and make sure you are shielding people. There have been fights (like H Durumu) where my highest "heal" or second highest is Power Word: Shield, because it really does absorb A LOT of damage that could have maybe otherwise killed a person. The fact that we can smite and win doesn't mean you shouldn't use the last drop of mana to shield anyone you see is currently taking damage or WILL take damage and they are somehow not receiving heals or not paying attention to their health.

    Good luck on your heroic endeavors! (also don't forget to Smite, especially during the dance phase because most people are too busy trying not to die to actively heal low targets, that's where Atonement shines!)

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    stand in pool for atonement
    pw:shield on people who will need dispells (Ionization)
    get out of pool to dispell yourself
    go back in pool, spirit shell time
    run like a little girl, penance the boss, PoM/PWS yourself, cascade

    Rinse and repeat.

    You can shield more people if you want, and use a barrier at some point, but people should not get hit by orbs.. if they do, it's their own fault. Of course since we 3 heal it I don't really watch tanks much, so adjust if you 2 heal it.
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