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    Gladius 5.2 and addon question!

    Hee guys! I am not in any way a great person with addons so i mostly ask folks.

    So i tried deleting the line wich some people here suggesting with the warrior taste for blood buff, could't find the line so caus my text was huge!
    I tried alot but i could't get it to work..

    i tried downloading : http://www.wowinterface.com/download...ladius5.2.html but it seems the author gotte update it before i or anyone else can download it again.

    So now i am here , 5 weeks into 5.2 and still my gladius is not working. So does anyone have a fix for this ? ( Not only for me , also for some of my friends)

    I don't know of these threads are allowed or i should post some where else. I asked it multiple times but my old thread got burried under other threads and i can't seem to find it.


    EDIT: Got my first question answered.
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