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    Affliction opener! ( Q about Affdots )

    Hello folks! Iv'e noticed i just can't get my opener right, i feel like im not bursting nearly as hard as other warlocks. This might depend on the trinkets i got (Cosmos & Volatile) But im not sure. However, i havn't gotten the thing about Affdots yet (shame on me), i just cannot grasp the addon so to say. I have tried to play using the addon as my dot-guide but im too used to doing that manually as procs come and go. If someone can simplify when to/when not to cast etc that would be fantastic. Im not having dps issues otherwise, i usually end up 1st or 2nd but the fact that i can't get my opener right is annoying me and the fact that i can't use the so told ubertastic addon is bugging me even more. All help appriciated. Thanks.

    Might be hard to figure out what im asking for but yeah, try!

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    AffDots does not change anything in your opener, you need some proc-watch addon.
    Get up dots, wait for procs, reapply dots, drain/haunt till procs are about to expire, reapply to extend buffed dots.

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