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    Volatile Talisman, an option for Demo?

    Hey, I'am a Demo lock and looking at getting the Volatile Talisman but I havent read any info about it being beneficial for our spec.
    What I saw in wowhead favoured the other 2 specs moreso.

    I currently have Essence of Terror and Relic of Yu'lon, the relic is the one I'am looking at replacing.

    I did have just over 4717 Haste at one point for the extra tick of Corruption but traded that out to 3036 for the extra tick of Doom instead and built my Mastery up to 47.04% extra dps is Meta.

    So my concern is how beneficial is this trinket for my spec, what does the 8800 Haste buy me in terms of extra dps?
    It gives me an extra tick of everything pretty much but would only be beneficial in Meta for the Doom tick really.
    I've tried to sim my toon before and I'll be honest I didnt know what I was looking at so I'am not sure if something has been done already with this trinket to see what the dps increase number wise would be.

    Any feedback would be great, thanks.
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    if you pop wild imps when the trinket has proc'd then the cooldown is significantly lower, and it should be up for every second wild imps iirc

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    I like it as Demonology.

    When it procs it's really sweet to use up some Molten Core procs and such, your minion will get a bit happier too and start attacking like a wild man!

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    Yeah, it should be an option as Demo, for sure. Ideally though I think to shoot for a Breath of the Hydra and Unerring Vision of Lei Shen for Demo; long term.

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    Thanks guys for the advice, I'll replace my Relic of Yu'lon with it this week and see how it goes.
    The imp procs cd will be interesting.
    But yes ideally Breath of the Hydra and Unerring Vision of Lei Shen would be perfect.

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    The Lei Shen trinket is by far the best option for demo. Though lucky procs can make/break a parse. Then it comes down to playstyle. Chanye is better for int stackers who go crit/mast, hydra is better for haste/mastery fans. Either works just pick which suits your playstyle. For me (517/518ilvl) I'm seeing higher numbers going haste/hit, int/haste, full haste gemming with double int trinkets and going to the 8097 than just going int based gems at the 3K'ish breakpoint but I have the Lei Shen trinket.

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    So your saying haste over mastery then?

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    I'm going crit at like 7000, haste at around 6500 and then 3000 mastery or so.
    Can't get any higher cause I have hit on every f**king piece of gear.
    Works well, and I mostly do this cause I play Destruction on about half the fights.

    The Volatile Talisman also often procs when the Imp Swarm is ready, which makes the CD on that about 25 saec shorter for me.

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