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    Primordius Volatile Pathogen bug?

    I got Volatile Pathogen tonight on our N Primordius kill and it was doing 280k per tick. Anyone know what happened?

    [19:40:01.253] Snapmonk Volatile Pathogen Snapmonk 279140 (A: 1171)
    [19:40:02.070] Primordius Ventral Sacs Snapmonk Absorb (20400)
    [19:40:02.443] Snapmonk Volatile Pathogen Snapmonk Absorb (280311)
    [19:40:03.252] Primordius Ventral Sacs Snapmonk Absorb (20400)
    [19:40:03.252] Snapmonk Volatile Pathogen Snapmonk 90192 (A: 190118)
    [19:40:03.460] Snapmonk Healthstone Snapmonk +102245
    [19:40:04.068] Primordius Ventral Sacs Snapmonk 20400
    [19:40:04.068] Snapmonk Volatile Pathogen Snapmonk 120278 (O: 160033)
    [19:40:04.850] Snapmonk dies

    WoL link: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/29p4b...?s=6722&e=7096

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    How many stacks of mutation did he have?

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    This is just a shot in the dark here. I remembered reading something about enhancement shamans having issue with this fight due to their mastery, and how it increases nature damage. Something about the Volatile Pathogen damage was coming from them and using their mastery increasing the damage it does to shaman. I noticed you put up touch of karma which reflects damage back as nature damage at the same time you had volatile pathogen. Maybe there is a bug there as well, and it increased the damage you took from volatile pathogen since it is nature damage. Of course, I am more than likely completely wrong on this, and it might have been something else going on entirely. But hey, anything is possible sometimes when it comes to bugs etc.

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    Tigereye Brew

    Surv/Enh mastery both buff it (what with it being damage that you, the player, are doing), so I see no reason that other +% damage effects wouldn't, and TEB can be ridiculous +% damage, especially since you had rune up as well.

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