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    Megaera 10 man advice

    Hi, just wondering if anyone can throw up some tips for us for this fight.

    Ive read the other thread an Megaera and will be altering the way we kill the heads to see if it helps. I was just wondering if people who know how to read logs can have a quick skit through at the logs to see if anything obvious sticks out.

    We wiped all last night on her. Iirc we started on a g/r/g/r/g/r policy , but switched after healers were going oom towards the end too much. Then we tried a mix of all 3 heads, but had similar issues with no real progress.

    Right at the end i logged my alt healer and gave 4 healers a blast, but that felt no better..... it seemed at 4th and 5th head, they were dying too slow and we still wiped around same point.

    I dont really understand the logs system that well, i can see the data, but cant really translate it very well into how we performed. So if somone has the time to laugh at it, that would be great.

    Lastly, i took Anti magic zone to try and help on Rampages, but i`m fairly sure it`s wasted. I can`t seem to see it healing anywhere in logs (well, absorbing) and i think lichbourne will be more usefull to me as a oh shit heal at the end of the fight.

    Logs - worldoflogs.com/reports/euii8rd0pc161o58/dashboard

    Sorry, i cant post links yet, but it`s easy enough to get to from my edited link.

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    g/r/g/r/g/r/g is a strat for when you eaither have amazing healers or overgear it. You are basically brute forcing the fight in exchange for not having to deal with the frost beam.

    g/r/b/g/r/b/g is way more managable for the healers and honestly dosnt add much to the overall fight.

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    A quick look, unless I'm missing something, your shaman used ES once over 7min39sec for a total of 87k healing. He should have 100% uptime on that, he probably had 10%.

    Your damage is rather low, esp. your mages, you need your dps to all do 90k+ or you're going to have a bad time.

    I compared with our first kill and we had 631k vs your 554k. We also had less average ilvl (502 vs 507), so it shouldn't be an 80k difference.

    You need to tell your mages to improve, doing that low damage is not acceptable, our frost mage did 112k.

    edit: We did GRGRGRG
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    Gear/skill check for healers. It certainly gets easier with gear. Our first kill it was super tight and as the weeks went on it just became a push over. One major suggestion is to use your non-healer CDs wisely during the rampage and have a set rotation. In our 10 man we typically use 2 per rampage with one being a healer and one being a non-healer. We also try to make a damage reduction + raw output but of course it rarely works out that well for every single one. Also use your external single target damage reducers on the tanks for the later heads to help conserve mana because eventually even the tanks will require a pretty much all out spam.

    Another huge help is damage. Faster those heads go down the better off your healers will be. Another thing that should improve with experience and gear. But I would have to say the damage is pretty low. Pick that up and your healers will love you a lots more.

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    Log of our kill last night. We are at your level i think. We tried it with 3 Healers and later switched to 4. Tactic was g/r/g/r/b/r/g.
    The plan was to never have 3 green in the back. The AE is such a huge dmg. On the other side killing no blue would make him stronger and stronger. Dont forget the blue head gets an buff everytime u kill the other one. With our strat u end up having 4 buffs on the blue head if u kill him on 5th place. The tank needs to know and to handle that. Going further without killing blue atleast once means u need a really good tank.
    One blue is managable especially if u get him at place 5 (so only 2 phases).
    Some advice my healers give me:
    Rampage sounds heavy but is the lamephase. In the rampage there is cool steady dmg where everyone stands there on one point and u can heal and heal. We wiped the
    most time in the normal phases. Someone gets Cinder and runs, 2 Poisonbombs come in, Icebeam->Death. Sometimes its just bad.
    Our Disc used his Spiritshell in the first trys every rampage. In the killtry he used it when the heads is at 50% because then the real shit starts.
    Try to get one small healcooldown in here.

    Other thing i see in your log:
    Sometimes people get Dmg from Cinderdebuff and from rampage: Have u a dispeller? Everyone with Cinder has to run out of the raid instant and when he is at a fair range he must be dispelled. We took our Druid for this job. He throws Hots at the target with the debuff and when they are far away he dispells. If someone gets cinder before the rampage dont walk to far away. In 10man u have enough place.

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    Do you do a tank swap during the phases? Some friends also had problem with the boss, and it turned out they didn't. Doing tank swaps makes the fight much easier and conserves mana for your healers.

    Some healing points: Your druid should use Mushrooms more. Put them up after each rampage at the stacking point for the next one and load them up, it's one million free healing off the gcd per rampage. I prefer SotF over Incarnation, it's "active" for every rampage and can improve AoE healing a lot.
    Biggest issue is obviously your disc, he's undergeared but doing very low healing even for his gear. He should top the meters by: 1) Fully stack spirit shell before each rampage, 2) PW:S people with cinders buff, 3) Use Cascade and PoM, 4) Attonement heal. PW:Barrier can be used multiple times in the fight.

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    From after the 3rd rampage we started to tank switch after the 2nd breath. I do believe our druid was pre planting mushrooms, the attempt where i logged my resto alt, he mentioned at me to do the same.

    Yes, the Priest does seem low, ive been comparing him to other priests (namely the priest in Tomathans log). So i`ll pass this across too, i beleive he recently only switched from holy to disc, as he joined the guild, so it may be a l2p issue still.

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    We do the GRBGRBG strategy. We swap after the second breath. We don't do a tank swap when green and red are up at the same time - the heads are too far away from one another, and green/red debuffs together are very annoying. Tanks just use our bigger cooldowns at that point.

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    We got our first kill last night using GRGRBGR. We found the cinders to be worse than the acid so we took the extra green at 6 instead of the red. What helped was breaking the raid into groups of 3 3 4 so the acid bombs always targeted that cluster of people so only 3-4 people have to move. It made the fight much less hectic farther in and each healer had his people to dispel to avoid people getting dispelled right away and having there be a nice patch of fire in the path between your stack points.
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    Overall allot of the comments here are great advise but it looks like an over all "the raid needs to start prepping ahead of time and coming prepared". You wont ram your head against this boss until it falls over you got to master the mechanics to overcome it!

    Ill send a PM for some things I saw...no need to put anyone on blast publicly if they didn't ask for help!

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    afaik mageara isnt a dps race, so bringing in a 4th healer makes the enrages a lot easier.

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    Just do b/r/b/r/b/r/b. Simplest thing in the world.
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    Megaera is the sort of fight where tactics are in your hands. As everyone above has suggested, there are LOTS of different ways to tackle this fight and all are equally as viable. There is no magic combination which makes the fight a walk over. Dps and Healers are really pushed to the limit on the last couple of heads with any combinations, so it's about pushing your raiders to give their all. Your dps does look quite low and everyone in your group could easily improve if they get some homework done with regards to increasing those numbers. We killed this fight on Sunday after some tactical re-adjustment.

    Play to your strengths. We used G/R/G/R/G/R/B for our kill, as it is very easy with a strong healing and dps comp. We had to really push everyone to get the most out of their characters for the first kill, but it will get much easier with gear. B/R/B/R/G/R/B could work if you can four heal, as the lack of bombs will probably reduce raid damage. The most 'sensible' way to do the fight would be to clear through all three types - B/R/G/B/R/G/R - but really mess around with this order as much as you like. If Cinders wrecks you but your tanks are competent, you could try leaving red up for a head or two. You'll have more tank damage but less dispelling. See what I mean? Look at what your raid is good at.

    I would suggest pushing your players will make it so much easier for you to get her.
    Good luck!

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    Hey Hey, we killed this for the first time the other night, it was a very messy kill with both tanks, a healer and a dps dead by the time he went down.

    We went G/R/G/R/G/R/G for our kill.

    For the first two rampages we let our healers do their thing un-aided with no CD's Stacked on the next head to die so the tanks and Melee can do their thing, we where aiming for 65-75% by the end of rampage.

    The next four we used a CD order as well as having any extra healing, like my Ele shamans Healing rain and Glyphed healing stream totem, most of us where using personal CD's as well, I know our dps warrior is a fan of using healing pots on this fight.

    The fight gets very mad on the 6th and 7th head, cinders is mounting up to nearly one shot territory, this made us Dispel almost at once and fire being left everywhere.

    My best advice is to not panic, keep in mind what needs to be done, spread out even if you need to take the long path around the fires as it will reduce the venom bolt damage by a lot, this more or less got us the fight, before we where in a mad rush to kill the boss (as you should be), but not taking the time to move out, so there was more or less 9 people within 15 yards of the head.

    Im not going to comment about your raids healing or dps because I do not know how to use WoL well enough to make judgments and others have already done that.

    Good luck.

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    We killed it three weeks ago with 3 healers (2 Paladins, 1 Disc). We went G/R/G/R/B/R/B. After a hour of wiping we figuered that
    a) Damage on tanks is high but not problematic
    b) More then two green heads spamming those AoE bombs are a real nuissance.

    So we decided to keep the green-head-kills as low as possible AND bring the Ice Beam in as late as possible. We also decided to Bloodlust on the 5th rampage. Note, that this is not the last rampage. That would allow us to almost kill the sixth head while rampage was still up, so we had not to deal with the ice beam (Megaera won´t use any head-specific abilities during Rampage). All available Cooldowns were used on the last rampage and we killed the last head, dealing with not more then 3 or 4 ice beams the whole fight.

    This tactic was the breakthrough for us. But as said before, you will have to find your own way. Note, that the above described tactics will involve high damage on people with the red debuff (they need to be dispelled INSTANTLY after the sixth head) and high physical damage on the tank, who tanks the blue head until you killed it once (they stack an attack speed buff, if not killed).

    You might want to use some of the following, which will help a bit with the kill:
    - Use two camps, marked by worldmarks. The first camp is between Red and Blue and the second between Blue and green. Stack up at the left one while the first rampage is active and then proceed switching the camp each rampage. this allows your melees to continue dpsing the active head.
    - Tell your Cleavers and Multidotters, that it is not smart to multidot unless it gives you additional chances to procc something. two targets with Flameshock = more Lavasurge = Neat.
    - If you happen to have a warlock around make him place his portal between the camps and like 25 yards away from that. people with the ice beam run towards the gate in the back (not the one between the camps!) click it, and proceed dpsing the boss. The beam will follow the player´s trace to the remote gate and will vanish before it reaches the portal´d DD.
    - Because the dot will have to be removed instantly you want your people and especially your melees not to stack up. Two people moving = loss of dps.
    - Getting away from the green AoE bomb means getting as far away as possible, not just exiting the circle on the ground. Damage will decrease with growing distance.
    - Make sure your healers and DDs dont stand in the heads´ breath. Our hunter learned it the hard way.
    - Paladins may remove a tankdot with their bubbles. Make sure, that the paladins have a makro to cancel out that bubble immediatley, so that the tank won´t lose aggro. Interesting especially for the red head tank. That fire breath is bad.
    - Do not use any CDs above 1 Minute for the first three Rampages.

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    On our first try, we did the GRGR... strat, but our healers couldn't handle it.

    We just added a blue in the 5th place (green-red-green-red-blue-red-green), so blue heads stop to destroy our tank.
    We used lust on the 6th since it was the most difficult one, if all your raid is alive for the 7th it's pretty much a win.

    And of course, keep a good CDs rotation on each rampage.
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    We do the B R B R G R B tactic with four healers and it worked pretty well. Especially if you don't have that much gear I would favor this strat. Tell your DDs to save their CDs for the red head if it's somehow possible (best CDs are like 3 minutes or so) so the tank only gets three stacks and not four.

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