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    Thanks for the update. I want to call out one thing that you need to address right away and very forcefully...

    Apparently others had been whispering her with “encouraging words”, and some were being nasty in whispers as well.
    STOP THIS NOW. The raiders sending nasty tells need to be told in no uncertain terms that they're offbase, that that crap needs to stop NOW and that if they do it again, they'll be sat or kicked. You simply cannot have a poisonous backbiting atmosphere like that. It will kill the raid eventually and perhaps the guild. If you have people who are so inconsiderate and immature as to do that and the refuse to change, you're better off booting them and recruiting.

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    having played both affliction and destro on that fight(prefer affliction for the glyphed soul shard CoEx which is insanely good on turtles) it sounds a lot like she isnt taking fully advantage of her class, the dps is fine tbh, yes a bit on the low side but there is a lot of things going on in that fight that you need to take care off. RoF is your friend on this fight, make sure its up on everything that it can be up on, dead turtles, tortos, bats etc., makes sure you put up immolate on bats for ember regen and use havoc on cd, preferably on turtles if there are any up. getting a mouseover macro havoc really helps a lot, so that she can target another turtle without having to target switch. and ofc as ppl have said, make sure you have KJC, infact you should have KJC on just about all fights here and not even going to mention all the padding that can be done on this fight, spam a couple of shadow burns on dead turtles, hell putting havoc on a live turtles, targeting a dead turtle and then spam 3 shadow burns is great dps on turtles too or using FnB incineartes on tortos when turtles spawn for a bit more dmg on all 3 turtles from the very start. affliction on tortos is very straightforward, its basically dot shit up and MG a turtle(if you're on turtle duty), destro on tortos is all about cheesing, taking full advantage of their tools like havoc for ember regen and dps.
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    Not much I can add to the disscusison that has not already been covered but want to drop a little

    /Faith in humanity resored a little!

    I love seing peopel like this go out of there way to help a raider that they have known a long time > tossing them to the side to try and get faster loot!

    kudos to you for trying to help rather than tossing a raider to the side!

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    If it's on Tortos let her do the kicking. She should do some DPS of course, but the important task is to kick the turtles in the correct moment. And then she's not forced to do maximum DPS. Though I don't understand what's sooo extremely hard on Tortos if you are not kicking turtles especially with the slow nerf recently.

    If she wants to maybe she can watch some videos of some really good locks and how they handle some situations on specific bosses/in general.

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