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    Mastery>Haste for Horridon

    I know mastery is a better stat for AoE but I'm wondering how much better it is. Is it worth it to reforge for mastery for heroic horridon due to the heavy AoE?

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    you'll win when you realize this fights victory is not based off AOEing

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    Then why does everybody uses barrage for that fight?

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    Because you are maintaing very high brust on your primary target while cleaving everything in your sight. Also, compared to GT, it has much higher brust potential.

    AoE is important on Horridon, far from that, but you have some targets which are KoS. Anyway, if I'm not mistaken, it's haste > mastery for brust AoE (Ji-Kun) and mastery > haste for long periods of AoEing (ermm... none in T15? Wind Lord).

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    I was thinking of trying Haste > Mastery for this fight.... but then I thought about the LONG burn at the end (Heroic of course). So I'm on the fence... lol.

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    I have switched to more of a haste over mastery build and find even with reforging, I still have a ton of Mastery. I am playing Marks as my single target build so the Haste is beneficial.

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    currently i'm running Crit > haste > mastery (with 1 rppm trinket) tho when i snatch a bit more gear i might swap to haste > crit > mastery
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sydarm View Post
    you'll win when you realize this fights victory is not based off AOEing
    i have to agree with the dwarf on this one :-)
    The fight is more about nuking down the right target fast , positioning and interrupting right :P? haha

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    So whould you say Bm is better in this fight then Survival on heroic?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Puerto View Post
    What I meant was Haste > Mastery > Crit.
    Why would you even consider that lol.. This fight isn't burst aoe, nor is it overly sustained like windlord.. It's in the middle.. The mobs stay up for a decent amount of time.. But regardless, if you have the 4 pc and rppm trinks, haste would still be better than mastery.. And haste > crit is being tested right now (nothing definitive at all though). But mastery would never be better than crit. It wasn't on windlord, it's not now. And the last 'burn' phase is extremely important as well.. So I would strongly recommend not going with that build.. I'd keep crit > haste > mastery. Just wait till rentaki procs with the VP trink or bad juju and at the last 2 seconds of rentaki's buff, multi shot once to spread the super buffed srs on everything.. and continue with single target rotation on the key adds.. The dmg will be insane

    Quote Originally Posted by Minova View Post
    So whould you say Bm is better in this fight then Survival on heroic?

    Aoe is very important in the fight.. It just comes secondary.. And you need a spec with good cleave and passive aoe to kill off the rest of the mobs while you focus specific ones.. which means SV. BM would only be viable if you have a comp with a lot of warlocks and dks and such.. strong aoe classes.. in which case you can simply single target the 'champions' of each gate.. But even then, SV is albeit behind slightly on ST, it is still close.. and the aoe potential is huge.. can keep rolling srs on boss and all the adds constantly.. And the quicker all the adds go down, the more uptime everyone has on the boss during gate transitions.. which ends up being crucial to beat the enrage..

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    The thing is that heroic is actually more about cleave than normal because adds with Dire Call (and especially a double Dire Call) can wreck players. It's still about focusing adds, but SS cleave on the pack is almost equally important.

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