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    Our DK has problem with threat

    I play a BrM monk, and maintank for my guild (10 man), our other tank is a Blood DK.

    We have a little problem, I generate very much threat, and the DK has problem keeping aggro. I just need to do my normal rotation and I will have the aggro again most of the times, which is really annoying when I need to wait off stacks from a tank debuff. I have around 5k haste and play with ascension, prioritizing crit, I do tons of damage, often I am 1-3rd place on the dps meters.

    If there is a situation where I really can't have one more of the tank debuffs I must kind of stop or slow down my rotation, it does not feel good and the raid loses lots of DPS. Also I am 5-7 ilvls higher than the DK.

    How can our DK do to improve his threat generation?

    Our DK's armory http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...Lesix/advanced
    My armory http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...Lyina/advanced

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    BrMs do a lot more damage than BDKs. That's the same tank set up my guild uses. The BrM just has to slow down or you can use Salv. The DK should be chain taunting too.

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    *you tank boss*
    *dk taunts*
    *you keep attacking with 4x his attack power*

    You don't see how this is never really going to end well? Ask for a hand of salvation if really need be perhaps, but yeah, it's natural you need to hold back after a tank just taunted of you. Whether it's a dk or any other tank. Only recommendation perhaps is let him speak up on vent BEFORE he taunts, so that you don't hit keg smash just after he taunted. White attacks and jabs should be okay-ish to keep doing if he has a bit of a clue.

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    Two things: First, your DK is in Frost PvP gear so we can't see if he's doing anything wrong stat-wise. Also, Your problem might just be Vengance. It's a think that tanks have to understand and deal with. Your best bet is slowing down your rotation and using your less powerful abilities until he can get Vengance. Watch your Omen to make sure you don't climb above him.
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    unless he has no clue how do any type of dmg its prob your fault alot of tanks do this the point is vengence is most of tanks dmg and until they build it up they dont rly do any dmg you should get threat table addon and make sure your threat doesnt go over 100%

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    Yeah, I have the same problem when I tank with a brewmaster who's 7 item levels below me. It must be that paladins are OP and brewmasters suck.

    Oh, wait.

    You could help him farm gear, make sure he valor caps each week, prioritize him for haunting spirits. Or just lay off of attacks for a few seconds after he taunts, or let him take first aggro, wait before attacking so that he builds up a respectable threat lead.

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    When you do tank swaps, you can switch stances to Tiger stance in order to not pull aggro off of him. You can keep dpsing and building elusive brew stacks. The only thing you cant build is stagger.

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    It's most likely a vengeance stack issue. You have wayyyyy more attack power after he taunts unless he's been tanking adds or something previously.

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    Yea just make sure you dont go over the 110% threat threshold when you've just been taunted off. if you think you're going over, then just move back a couple steps so you can get it up to the 130% threshold (by getting registered as ranged)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derpette View Post
    *you tank boss*
    *dk taunts*
    *you keep attacking with 4x his attack power*
    Pretty much this right here.

    BrM tank that hits like a truck needs to learn how to dial it down for a few seconds to let their OT catch up.

    Of course there could be rotation problems with the DK too, but we have no logs to tell. The DK is logged out in his pvp spec/gear so that's not helpful either.
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