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    502 LFR legs vs. 483 LFR tier legs plus the 2-set.

    Would it be worth it to upgrade my legs to 502 legs and lose the 2-pc? As any spec, I play all 3 :P

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    Seems like a pretty easy thing to test there brother.

    Personally I found the 2 set bonus for Destro to be worth roughly 2-3 average ilevel, it's a pretty good bonus. I would recommend you spend 5 minutes on a Dummy with both sets of legs equipped, and just see how you go. I suspect it won't be worth it.

    I compared 483 gloves (2 set) to 522 gloves (no 2 set) and found it was pretty DPS neutral, but gloves don't add as much as legs.

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    You could hold off but that's a really high jump in ilvl, must be quite a bit of intellect. What are you doing mainly, just LFR or Normal raiding?

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    Sim it, that's your best bet.

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