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    Regarding "BiS" lists and gearing strategies <Afflicition, maybe others?>

    With everyone requesting "BiS" lists to get a base knowledge of how to gear for this tier and with many of us really saying the same thing over and over again in regards to there not really being a "BiS" list per say I present you with an alternative method of gearing for T15 (Affliction for sure, haven't delved too deep into the other specs yet).

    These profiles are in no way perfect and absolutely pristine but can be used to show the overall weakness of our Tier set bonuses/itemization. I did all of the profiling/reforging/gem setups by hand math and there is probably a better setup that could squeeze out more DPS potentially, but at that point it's really going to be nitpicking.

    Here you can see the results:

    The "BiS" profile that Simcraft shows us reflects a DPS of 203735, comparatively you can go with 0 tier gear and simulate with 203655 DPS - a difference of 80 DPS.

    Keep in mind that the reforging/gemming isn't going to be perfect since I just did it all by hand so it's as close as I could figure out. But still goes to show the power of Thunderforged gear. It's also worth noting that this isn't including any upgrades, which in all honesty could put you ahead of using Tier pieces based solely on the raw stat gain advantage that you'd get.

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    I like you. You got moxie.

    BiS is done and gone.

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    Alternatively I did a Sim of going full haste (up to 18.2k haste vs 13.7k with the better profile) and it was a 140 DPS gain. Take it for whatever it's worth, I suppose.

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    But for a 5min fight, that 140 DPS gain is an extra 42000 damage! That could easily be the difference between a kill and...not a kill...I think. Well actually to be fair, I wiped once on Normal Will of the Emperor with 45k left on the bosses. But I guess the gain still doesn't cover that, haha.

    I'm glad we're done with BiS lists. My guild's got a few newer players in it now that are far too concerned with gear and everyone keeps passing on upgrades because they're not tier or BiS. Such a waste. Glad to see players like you making points and threads like this though.

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