Hey guys, well i finally ended my battle against Kanrethad as a Demonology Warlock. Why did i choose to be Dmeonology? Well it is widely considered that Demonology has the hardest time on this boss and while that may be true, i wanted to prove that it was possible without an insane ilvl. My ilvl was 501 which is easily gotten with the new LFRs opening and valor gear.

Well one of the main things that helped was asking other warlocks for help and advice so i thought id open this to give other Demonology Warlocks some advice and help. I killed Kanrethad just as he was summoning the 2nd Doomguard, but with more ballsy play (i was very hesitant to Charge x.x), i could have done it just before/after the 2nd Felhunters. I found the trick to doing this fight as Demonology was (surprise surprise), managing your fury. You need to make sure you have enough fury to deal with the Imps/Felhunters, but making sure you keep up your dps on Kanrethad as well. Its very tricky but certainly doable.

I made this thread so other Demonology Warlocks could ask and swap strats since EVERY other guide thread seems to be about Destro. Im here to say that Destro is NOT the only spec, NOR is it the easiest. For me Demonology was 10x easier than Destro was (i did try as destro, couldnt get past the 1st felhunters)