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    Tier 14 2 set, another firelands/ds gearing again?

    I know shadowcraft is factoring the set bonuses, but I want know how viable will it be to hold on to my 2 set bonus. Will it require heroic tokens much like how T13 was for Sub Rogues?

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    i dont think so if you get 4pc t15 use it if dont stay at 4pc t14 at least thats what i do
    the ultimate answer's to all rogue issues :

    -Rogues might still be dealing with the changes to combo points {2014}

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    I don't think t14 two set would be that great to keep. I don't think 10% backstab dmg is worth losing in other stats+t15 four set(does retardedly insane burst as sub)
    That's just me tho

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    For assa at least, I know that breaking the 4pt14 was worth it for 2pt15 and loosing the 2pt14 is worth it, if you have good 522 stuff on these slots and your t14 is only 496-500 itemlevel.

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