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    Monks and warlocks?

    Hello. These are 2 classes I've never played and in curious about a few things.

    How are they soloing things?
    Are they in a decent state in pve and pvp?
    Leveling go quickly?

    Ty in advance.

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    locks are godly at soloing things, especially demo with dark apotheosis. good-ish offense and awesome defense.

    monks level up ultra mega fast, because their class quests and class dailies give them a 1 hour buff that increases experience gains by 50%.

    the second question is outside my area of interest, especially since buffs and nerfs work in oscillation.
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    CF covered most of it. Personally for my lock I prefer solo-ing with my Void Lord tanking. It can do pretty much whatever it wants. On many mobs it takes less damage than actual tanks, although for certain things it's not all that great (particularly aoe threat and certain mobs where its armor/avoidance just doesn't hold up).

    PVE locks are good. Not as dominant as we've been at times, but still good.

    Monks I can't really speak for. The leveling is fast but I just don't seem to be killing individual mobs as fast as many other classes I've leveled with full heirlooms.
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    Monks are kind of neat for soloing, simply because they've got a lot of self-healing in all three specs.

    BoK will heal you for a % of damage if used while facing a target (at least it did)
    Expel Harm has a short-cd self heal that deals damage to a nearby target based on the damage healed
    Several healing talents, Chi Wave is extreme when soloing.

    Lots of niche utility, too. WW has ToK which reflects damage back to the attacker, there Zen Meditation which is a massive party-wide damage reduction, etc.

    Also helps that they've got a tanking, healing, and mdps spec wrapped into one.

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    To be honest not to worried about the pve and pvp. Just soloing questing and etc. leaning towards a lock just because I've healed for so many years that a change in pace might be nice since they don't have the option lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackblade View Post
    Monks are kind of neat for soloing, simply because they've got a lot of self-healing in all three specs.
    True, however I find Monks lacking some good AoE.

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    Warlocks are absolute beasts for soloing. All specs, really.

    Ah, you just conjured up some fond memories of me tagging every mob in sight with a Corruption while leveling my lock for the first time, tanking them all with my Voidwalker, and wildly dotting them all until they collapsed in a grand, simultaneous death at my feet.

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    Both are fantastic classes, it all comes down to whether you prefer melee / ranged and whether you want to micro-manage a pet or not.
    Unless it has been buffed the monk quests only give 20% bonus experience (not the 50% as was suggested earlier) and there are a set amount of them, i recommend saving them all till the 85+ just to get the most out of them all.
    Both have amazing solo potential and both are decent end game damage (of course warlock is better..) you also cannot discount the bonus features however that monk has the option to DPS / Tank or Heal and all specs are very fun to play, monk tanks are infact the most involving and (in my personal opinion) the most fun tanking class in game.
    It all does come down to personal preference! Whichever you pick you'll have a lot of fun with =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hardstyler01 View Post
    True, however I find Monks lacking some good AoE.
    Compared to warlocks (demo) monks are lacking AoE this is true, however on the whole they aren't in a bad place at all.

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