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    Troll vs Orc vs undead for pvp

    As title says, which one should i choose for best resoults for pvp?
    I like troll most for the uniqueness but would i just gimp myself?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Masterofblaster View Post
    As title says, which one should i choose for best resoults for pvp?
    I like troll most for the uniqueness but would i just gimp myself?

    Trolls / Orcs even Id say.

    Trolls give more burst, even tho on a long cooldown, which is what locks are lacking as Aff atm.

    Orcs pet give 2% more dmg, a worse cd but on shorter cooldown (Than Berserk), and 15% reduced stun duration.

    UD's are worse than the other 2, but not bad either. Tbh, none if game breaking :P

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    UD worse for pvp than troll?
    Im most likely going troll but orc racials seem better to me..
    How good is the 20% haste for affliction? (Or other specs?) snare reduction is useless and 10% regen..

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    Depends on spec / playstyle.

    UD will give you an extra way out of some kind of CC. ( personally I wouldn't consider this since warlocks have UW )

    Troll berserking is good for afliction. Orc blood fury is good for any of the specs, and the stun duration is more valuable compared to slow duration, if you are being trained its not like the slow will go away anyways...

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    Orcs offer a 15% stun reduction, 2% increased pet damage and a 2.2k SP trinket, all bonuses that are very helpful right now. With orc you'll see a noticable increase in burst damage and with the 15% stun reduction you'll be able to get 1 second earlier out of most stuns, which is really helpful nowadays with the amount of stuns going on.

    Undead have Will of the Forsaken and Touch of the Grave. WotF is a very nice ability to get out of fears, more or less working as a 2nd PvP trinket against warlocks and priests, however rather useless against classes that don't have a fear ability. TotG is a little boost to sustained damage and healing, gives the best results when multi-dotting.

    Trolls give a 20% haste cooldown, 15% reduction on movement imparing effects and generates ~250 hp/sec. Trolls give the strongest burst increase for Affliction, however the 20% haste is of little use for Demonology ( Due spells being instant) and Destruction (Due being easily interrupted during burst). The reduction on movement impairing effects is of little use as well due how easy it is to apply them and the passive health regeneration is just pathetically low.

    I'd say that currently orc is by far the best race as you get a nice increase in both burst as survivability. Undead and troll work as well, however slightly less effective.
    That being said, unless you are aiming for gladiator, it doesn't matter which race you play. They all work and the differences ain't too big, just play what you like.

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    Worth adding is that the orc racial lines up perfectly with dark soul. Pretty sweet.

    I don't agree with orc necessarily being better than undeads though. Will of the forsaken can be sooo good. But yeah, definately depends on the match-up.

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