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    Just play casually, then you can fit it in around school and sports. Be responsible and make sure your game time doesn't get out of control (like mine :P).

    Doing work around the house to pay for it or getting a part time job would be a good step towards maturity as well.
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    If you want to play casually, then no - wow taste best when served as grind (even if this is not vanilla grind anymore, you still can see a lot of it). SWTOR on another hand have a really nice story and it is free and casual friendly

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    If you are serious about sports I don't know how you would have time. Also, even when I used to wrestle, it was practice, or training, or house chores, or homework, didn't have time for much else. If you can't put in enough time to make the sub worth it, I'd stick to a game that doesn't have a sub that you can pick up and play when you have a little time, and not have to feel pressured about getting your money's worth every month for a sub.

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    Please keep playing sports and studying, WoW isn't worth it.

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    Buy the game and get a free month then decide if it's for you

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    As a parent here is my advice, start the free trail and level to 20(keep in mind leveling to 20 is a lot faster then Leveling to 90) see how it fits into your school/social life, if it starts to take away from it then don't play. I would sit down with your folks and explain that this game does have an addictive side to it, and maybe ask them to set parental controls so you don't over do it. Also, keep in mind it's not just $15 a month you will have to purchase all the expansions to get to max level.

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    Honestly, as someone who started playing WoW at 14, I'd say, don't do it.
    Don't play it.
    Sure you might have some fun, but you, like me, are(was) young, and you may get addicted.

    Like me, you won't excel in school like you should, and basically end up being the nerd, and by the time you get to 19 *my age now* you'll regret spending so much time in a game when your achieving absolutely nothing in the real world.

    If I could go back I'd rather play a game like Dota or LoL, that's F2P, and doesn't require money per month, and go out and play sports/study, and have fun with friends IRL.
    But that's me.
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    It's not worth the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chillhardy View Post
    im 13 and my parents said I could pay by helping out around the yard and the house, but I don't know if it is worth it for me because I am busy with sports and school and I don't know if ill not be able to play as much as I want but I just need a recommendation or some feedback saying if I should or not.

    I think the sooner kids learn money management the better, so I'm going to say yes. I didn't play WoW at 13 years old, I played Runescape (LAWLSAUCE amirite?) and it is a free game to play, but if you wanted to play the full game you had to pay $5/month and I had to pay that by putting money on my prepaid cellphone and doing the text-to-pay option which was actually more like $8 to pay for the game.

    When its come to shit I don't need, I always paid for it myself, unless it was my birthday/Christmas/Easter, or I made good grades in school. So yes, you pay for it, learn a little responsibility, no offense.

    EDIT: I assumed he already played the game with a full account. I forget that WoW is f2p to level 20 these days. If you're parents were paying for you before, then my above statements remain, if you were simply playing the free version then I'd say just avoid the game. You will be much more accepted in school if you get into mainstream gaming (sounds counter productive doesn't it? But I believe it exists) by getting into the CoD games/etc.

    Or, just stay away from games completely, unless your like me and your just so freaking good at them it would be a shame to simply not play and give other people hell
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    Run away and never look back. You dont want to spend your life wondering how it could have been different/better had you not started playing wow. For most of us it is too late, but you can still be saved.

    Its not about the money, honestly, whats $15 a month in the long run? It all about how you want to live your life. Don't let us make your decision for you. But flee!
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    WoW is definitely worth it if you have people to play with. If you're playing alone, then I predict that it's only a matter of time before you get bored of it if you do buy it. I was in a long dilemma of whether or not to buy it. Having friends play with me sealed the deal and I don't regret buying it at all.

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    At 13 there are hundreds of things better to do then play WoW much less paying to play WoW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Galaddriel View Post
    There's lots of MMOs with no sub fees these days.
    Good point. Maybe he can try some others first, and then try WoW for free before deciding. Who know? Maybe he will like GW2 more, or even SWTOR or LotRO.

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    Honestly, here's my story.

    I tried at around age 12 - 13 maybe, and never really got into it after being introduced to it by a friend I met on Habbo Hotel. Me and another friend, we both tried it and loved the snowy walks around the place, and watching fireworks on new years.
    After a while, I did buy it and then never got into it again - started playing at the start of Wrath as another friend told me to play, got to L80 and loved it! But from then on, got into a raiding guild.. I got a bit obsessed. Even told my friends irl "can't do stuff tonight, busy raiding" - which was very unhealthy.
    After Wrath, Cata sort of ruined it for me. I didn't care so much, but I still raided and stuff - and then MoP, I've basically quit. But it's been a very on and off period with WoW for me over the years.

    TL: DR - I met a LOT of friends over WoW, had two relationships because of it - one is still on going after a year. And made a lot of friends - but I got obsessed too much at one time. If you have self control and are responsible, like others said - TALK to your parents, force yourself to ask them to monitor your time on it.
    School, friends and sports are too important at your age to lose it all over a game.

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    Gaming as in WoW, any other MMO or any other sort of game you can download/buy is an escape. A good one when taken in moderation. Just like other things you will do or become involved in with the future, everything is good in moderation. Sports are also the same. Play what you enjoy. Do what you enjoy. Just because people on this forum might have the inability to distinguish their personal addiction, whether they exist or not. That does not mean you have the same shortcoming.

    If you enjoy the game, play it. When it becomes unenjoyable then stop playing it.

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    I would stick to sports but if you play in moderation it should be ok.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Galaddriel View Post
    At your age it's not really worth it. No one will want to play with you since you are under 18.

    You have to think about the total cost. $180 a year buys a lot of games on Steam and you don't suddenly lose access if you can't pay the sub fee.
    Yeah like 3 games a year... Over in 60 hours.
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    may i suggest you check out wowwiki or any similar site, it's Grom that orders the murder of Cairne

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    no please dont give focus on sports its only for entertainment.

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    I would say no. Wow parasites on the fame of its glory past and it is only a shadow of itself, featuring lazy design, greedy developers and very toxic community. If you invest your time and energy and money in something in real life, be it sport, art, or whatever floats your boat it is much better for you in the long run. In the long run, WoW leaves you only with a bundle of frustration, disgust and virtual memories.

    So my advise is to concentrate yourself on the real life.
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    No point in necro'ing this old thread

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