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    Twin Consorts 10H

    Our raid (6/13H, 10m) killed Iron Qon faster than expected last reset so we ended up with a bunch of extra time we used to look at Twin Consorts, despite the fact that it's not really next on our radar. We made good progress through Phase 1 and were making decent progress in some Phase 2 (day phase) while wiping pretty quickly in others. The problem is that there is sometimes only one Ice Comet which spawns before the first Nuclear inferno, which means we either melt it to keep Suen's stacks down (causing us to die during Nuclear Inferno), or she does Nuclear Inferno with >20 stacks, which is pretty much unhealable unless we use literally every single cooldown, and we wipe later due to not having any more cooldowns. On attempts with 2 Ice Comets, we're fine. We tried a bunch of different things including using or not using various Celestials (especially Xuen), but we couldn't narrow down the reason for this.

    Anyways, just curious if anyone knows what controls the number of Ice Comets which spawn prior to the first Nuclear Inferno, or if we're just RNG screwed to wiping if she only spawns one.

    Any additional tips for this fight from other guilds who have done it?

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    We were in the same position last week, spent our last raid night of the week on Twin Consorts. It felt very random as to whether or not we got an ice comet or not. Someone on my realid was having the same issue as well. As far as we can tell, it's just random and sometimes you get fucked.

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    we killed it this week last week we had the same bullshit where we'd wipe due to rng she does another meteor shower she isn't supposed to do which delays the ice comet by 6seconds thus not giving a second one
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    It's a buggy mess.

    We were in exactly the same position as you -Killed IQ then had spare time left. We had 20 or so pulls on Twins, and got to last phase in half of them. Suddenly we'd have no meteors spawning or meteors despawning. Complete waste of time so we called it and cleared early.

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    You can avoid a wipe to this bug by calling Xuen right when P2 starts. This results in Suen getting lower stacks. When the first meteor spawns, pull her to the meteor for a short amount of time, but pull her away at 50% of meteor life. If no other meteor spawns Suen stacks should not be too high and by using a raid cd like bubble Inferno should be survivable.

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    i think it has alot to do with when you are activating xuen(which slows down boss)

    ive noticed in our past attempts when we were using xuen in p1 to slow both suen and lulin to dps suen as much as we can (since she is up for a good 15seconds) but later we decided to scrap this because it could have affected the timing for ice comet in p2

    when we ignored using xuen in p2 ice comet started spawning at right time so yea thats just my 2c

    also what andyuryondon said pretty much you CAN use xuen in start of p2
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    Just put down a raid marker for stacking. If you think it may happen, warn your raid to stack at the marker and use healing CDs + personals. You can get through it that way should it happen.

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    We had that same issue yesterday, too. I think it is easier to get the stacks out of the boss with the comet and then use couple of extra raid CD's to get through that nuclear blast. Most of the times we were able to survive it no problem, but sometimes people were too late for the stacking up and we wiped there.

    We killed the boss on our 4th pull yesterday, though (no bugged comets in that pull). My resto shaman PoV video can be found from my youtube channel (check my sig).

    EDIT: About the theories regarding Xuen bugging it - we never used Xuen in p1 and still had the Comet bug.
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    EDIT: About the theories regarding Xuen bugging it - we never used Xuen in p1 and still had the Comet bug.
    We were also sometimes getting only 1 comet without using Xuen at all. However, I think using Xuen in P2 may guarantee that you see only one comet before the first Nuclear Inferno.
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