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    I'd say just go b/r/b/r/b/r/b and 2 heal it. If your group manages the Ice Beam and the Cinders well it's piece of cake. (2 heal because if you kill no green head, the damage is ridiculously low.)
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    Have you experience in doing it this way in a group around ilvl 500?

    Doing so until the last head Megaera will have 3x stacks of blue and 3x stacks of red buff.

    Have you healed the red dot with 3 stacks ever? It two-shots people easily.

    Afaik there is no way to "reset" the Megaera buff. You can only reset Frenzy by switching targets. Additionally when two know that if one healer gets blue in the later stages you can get fucked pretty easily because in the end you are one-healing both tanks and the red dot.
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    b/r/b/r back and forth combo works pretty well but some things to remember:
    1. green will have high stacks of the buff (so she'll hit harder) and she also puts out an armor debuff making her even more deadly to the tanks
    2. can get into nasty situtations where a healer is targetted for beams twice in a row.

    Our first week we did the green/red strat with 4 healers and simply saved blue until the 6th head. It wasn't pretty but we got it down. Our second week I changed up the strat and we went with a green/red/blue green/red/blue green kill order and here is why.

    Early green is a joke. The bombs come out pretty infrequently. Red is silly to manage, just run it away. Save blue for the 3rd kill of each 3 set to limit the runing. This keeps all the heads from getting too crazy of a debuff and now we can play the cinders off the frost patches without getting overwhelmed by green bombs. We were able to comfortably 3 heal that setup with minimal risk to the tanks.
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    We had MAJOR issues with this one, until we started tank-swapping @ 2 stacks of the debuff instead of after every head. We tried a million combos, and finally came back to GRGRGR-whatever has less stuff near it (usually blue). Hero @ like, 25% on the 6th head, and if your healers are having issues w/ mana set up a crazy CD rotation for the Rampages.

    I started at Rampage 5 and 6, planned out using every single CD we have in those 2, then worked backwards assigning CDs for each prior one that would allow us to have all of them up for 5 and 6. Don't be afraid to use non-healer CDs like Boomkin tranq or Ret pally Devo aura, and have one group of CDs that get used right away and one that get used halfway through each rampage. Don't forget to assign healthstones/3min personal defensive CDs to some of the rampages as well to allow better healer CDs on other rampages.

    For the 5th/6th/7th head make sure you have CDs planned for the blue tank.

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    If you ever kill blue, then swapping tanks at 2 stacks becomes annoying on the head immediately afterwards since there's a lot more territory to cover. We do a GRBGRBwhatever strategy, and we'll swap at 2 stacks beginning at the second red. That second green, just after the blue has died, we ask dps to use their 2-3 minute cooldowns to try to push it to die with fewer breaths. And on the last head we've popped bloodlust during rampage and if he doesn't die before the third stack we're probably all dead anyhow.

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    The strategy my guild uses is a GRBGRBG usually lusting about 2/3rds of the way of through the 6th head. Tanks swap every head which is generally 3 stacks of the breaths. Having a paladin(s) use Hand on Purity on the tank on the red head definitely helps. When I tank that head HoP first breath, unglyphed DP second, HoP 3rd, while keeping enough hp for an emergency ~275k heal if needed.

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