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    How many liked it to be caught during the Dalaran quests (Horde side) when Jaina and her entourage spotted you? You only went to jail. Now imagine a corpserun afterwards instead?

    But as I see decent arguments are already shot down as being "crybabies"

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    They take you in their arms behind buildings and... oh no, I can see where this is going, me not that kind of orc!

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    Quote Originally Posted by blixsauce View Post
    No. It'll be fun, joy and happy times the first time but it will only be annoying afterwards.
    No, it´ll be annoying right from the bat.

    If we got people that want to be ganked, then they go to a PVP server and try to level a toon, no reason drag other people into this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hardstyler01 View Post
    What do Orcs need money for?
    To rule over who doesn't have the gold. Toshow who worth the gold and who is not.

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    I think the atmospheric changes they've made, such as Gamon and the valley of spirits, is enough. No need for annoying spawning adds.

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    Have a group of Kor'kron run into the auction house and randomly choose a player to kill then run off every five minutes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goremonger View Post
    How about random kor'kron rogueish guards sneak at you if you are busy being afk, at a mailbox, or just strolling through the drag. They take you with an animation of you in their arms getting carried away. They would have generic you are getting arrested talk something of that such. They take you behind a building and kill you.
    The whining would crash the forum servers. Do you not remember the player response to Cata intro town takeovers?
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