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    In my opinion specs like disc should be at the absolute bottom of the healing meters. Bringing a disc priest is like bringing half a dps to the raid. I think they should decrease the mana cost on mass dispel make it disc only buff up spirit shell and either make it a 3 minute cooldown or link it to all of their healing to make it absorbs just to be different. In my mind disc should be a utility spec giving them the best of both worlds is one of the stupidest things I could think to do to a game like this. If you did that you could buff up Holy to a competitive level and give priests the choice of raw healing or Utility. I Think Disc would be a lot more fun if you added a few other things to it then smite spam with the occasion holy fire PW:S and a few heals everytime the spirit shell CD is up. I also think that Priests would dual spec more were that the case. I would Make Holy mostly stationary healing spec and make it pump out awesome numbers. I think resto druid and holy priest should trump everyone else on the sustained healing and fall back in the shadows on the utility.

    I think Holy Pally is pretty ridiculous right now. I saw a very small illuminated healing nerf on the patch notes. In my eyes they may be the most OP healing class of all right now. In PVE Raw healing I get beat way worse by the pallys than the priests. Holy pally should be a highbrid of utility and power. Bubble, BOP, Sac,Salv. Along with plate and shield a full compliment of stuns less interuptable damage in pvp. Right now I would rank pallys as my most hated In both Pve and pvp except when I get beat by a disc priests doing 60k dps.

    Monks if I'm not mistaken do a bit of damage in their healing. I'm honestly not too familiar where I think they should fit in. They seem to be in a pretty good place as far as being able to bomb heals and Mana tea back up. The only real experience I have with them is fighting them in arena and hearing my gladiator SA yell at me every few seconds about them using mana tea.

    I think Shaman look fun as hell right now. All about the Utility and clutch heals and cooldowns. Once they get back to where they need to be and they have been getting a lot of love lately They are gonna be awesome. A reverse of the utility brought by something like a disc. Not the raw healing power of a druid or a pally but with those healing cooldowns that can save a raid like nobody else.

    Now to druids. The Mobile heal spamming constantly casting we bring a few goodies to the raid. Not to the extent of any of the other healing classes we are actually kind of a drain on the other healers. We bumb innervates, Mana tides, Hymns and anything else we can think of for mana batteries. If it weren't for absorb healing we would be the straight up healing gods of this game. Able to push the numbers as far as we push our mana. We have good can survive very well off of personal cooldowns but our gift is in our sustained healing and as the game sits our overhealing. Shamans may be the most underpowered but I think we are furthest from what I see as our niche roll.

    Now these are purely my view and my vision for the game. If the devs saw things like I do the fixes are fairly simple. Things like integrating the healing strengths into 25s or picking the right make up for 10s could prove to be a really fun challenge. As it sits though you have A few classes that sit way up on a pedestal and the rest of us in obscurity wondering when somebody will fix the broken game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boagism View Post
    So with the buff's in 5.2 I thought we would be in a much better spot. Looking at the parses so far we are still 10-20k behind Disc Priests and Holy Pallies. Now trying to raid 10 man as a resto druid with a Holy Pally and Disc Priest is almost impossible. The fact they can endlessly stack absorbs in down times basically mitigate all of my hots. The problem is its's not that resto druids are amazingly weak at the moment. But Disc priests are insane and the fact Pallies mastery does over half their healing is broken. Put an absorb at the end of every heal I cast :P

    Time to roll a monk I think....
    Don't exaggerate, Paladin Mastery is not over 50% of our healing, more like 30%. I do however agree that absorbs are out of whack at the moment, but Druids are not bad in 10 at all. But if you nerf absorbs then the next snipe heal will be OP which will be HoTs. It's the nature of healing, and usually means you run with too many healers.

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    absorb healing is the biggest problem on farm content your dps are taking less damage and the healing pie gets smaller. In the period of time between heroic progression and regular farm i think its the worst. Absorbs take away a good portion of the skill in dominating the heal meters but its 90% epeen anyway.

    I will agree though it sucks to be on the wrong end with huge overheal numbers and way more work going in that your absorb class counterparts.

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    I don´t know guys. I feel all right now and still don´t have 4pc of bonus from set (don´t have 2pc also till now). I raid only 10 man, but we started ToT on 490+-ilvl. Now after some weeks we are around 515 raid ilvl and we are going for heroics. Since the begining we use the strategy to gear our DPS first, than tanks and last healers - and it works very - very well. I heal with Rshaman and disko or hpala, and most of the fights i am on first place. May be some of you can tell me what our disko is doing wrong, because I am still waitting for the moment, where all these absorbs are going to crush me down? There are logs in which there is still something to heal (sorry, but still cannot post link so you have to copy right - rest of normals now looks boring for 3healing raid in 10 man:/ Especially when we heal not to rank but to survive for whole encounter.

    Jin Rok HC: w
    Lei Shen: w

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ycko View Post
    May be some of you can tell me what our disko is doing wrong, because I am still waitting for the moment, where all these absorbs are going to crush me down? There are logs in which there is still something to heal (sorry, but still cannot post link so you have to copy right - rest of normals now looks boring for 3 healing raid in 10 man:/ Especially when we heal not to rank but to survive for whole encounter.
    your disc-prist is simply just bad. On Jinrokh he didn't use SpiritShell-(SS) once and on Lei Shen he only uses SS to shield himself, thats just wrong. He smites not enough and so on. That's the reason you can shine as R-Druid.

    I'm sorry to disappoint you, IMO R-Druid is seriously not good enough anymore -.- I love my druid, but as a healer the HOTs just loose against all absorbs or the instants/bigger healing zones from a holy priest, not to mention the big utility of R-shamans.

    by the way, the SM-mechanic vs just laying a healing zone on the floor is poor to. Mushrooms are too much of a niche thingy and noone has to put such effort to get some heal out, that's roughly 90% OH like r-druids with their mushrooms - it's somewhat fun, but way toooo clunky.

    I play 25's with 3/13 HM and we got the worst healer setup anyone can think of, 3 R-shamans, 2 R-druids, 2 pallys, 1 disc, 1 holypriest, no monk, but as we get new healers I see me getting benched a lot and I can't even be angry, but just disappointed.

    I think i can play my druid fairly good, but besides Tortos HC, there is just no way I can compete.

    I can only thrust my raidleads to keep me, because the like me and regard me highly.

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    Don´t worry, i agree with almost everything you wrote. That´s why I ask.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arcanist View Post
    Well then, you're fucked. Resto druids are awful for 25s as has already been shown multiple times. It's the reason we got the new shrooms in the first place.
    Yeah, that's what I figured.
    I guess numbers don't lie:

    Raidbots 60 day healing parses show rdruids dead last (16% behind Hpaladins)
    World of logs top ten ranks per Tot encounter (4 ranked rdruids out of 120)
    I'd post the links but the forum won't let me

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