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    Question [resto] from feral to restoration

    I have always been dps player but decided I want to explorer healer word. So I'm trying to learn healing. I have read icy veins, mmo champion, elitist jerks etc. guides but I'm still missing something. I can't memorise those spells and how to use them. Also I'm having difficulties with healbot. When playing feral I don't use mouse, instead I use trackpad but mostly only keyboard. So transition from keyboard to healbot is by itself quite big.

    So what is what I'm asking is: can somebody point similarities or hints how to use my knowledge with feral cats to being restoration druid? Now it feels that there is a lot information but I don't seem to learn it just by reading. And when I'm in combat there is no time to read tooltips. My rotation with feral improved highly when I found Claw and it's gui. But there can't be anything similar to it because now I need also know WHO to heal and WHEN.

    I have now tried only LFR's and I feel quite redudant there. I don't want to go to dungeons before I know what I'm dying because I'm only healer there. I'm trying to cast Wild Growth at CD and then spam everything to tanks. Now I have only 3 spells to bind to mouse with healbot so other spells are harder to use. Like how I quickly select the right person and then cast the spell. I tried also search healbot guides but they seem to really outdated because they have so different setup panels.

    Does somebody have similar experiences? How did you transform from one role to another?

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    I have not transformed from one role to another but everytime I speak with someone they tell me that I play different grom them.
    The most important thing that I think can help you is that u can use your keyboard to heal. As a druid I am on gcd near full time, so I spend the gcd changing targets with the mouse, and use the keyboard to use spells similar to a dps.
    Also healing can be similar to dps with the exception that you dont have a rotation, you only have priorities, but you can use the same binds as cat being resto.

    Then everytime a friend ask how to heal as a resto druid i say the same basic things:
    1- always have 3 lb on the tank
    2- use innervate when 80% mana
    3- use sw and wg on cd
    4. use reju before high damage phase
    5- use cd as usually as you can

    I hope i have help you and sorry for my english but not my first languaje

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    Ive been using healbot since WOTLK, what troubles are you having?

    I'm not sure what Tranks is saying, but from what i understand he heals by changing targets and healing that target... which is very complex and not efficient. Healbot, VuhDo, Grid are all the ways to go.

    Give me some more info on what you are struggling with and I will try my best to lend a hand.

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    I can say too that using the default raid frames is completely viable. If you'd rather target the person with the mouse and then cast the spell from the keyboard, the default frames are great for that. I used to use grid but fell in love with the changes bliz did to the default frames in cata. Just have to be sure to have the right settings like no borders, class colors, large size etc. If you want mousebinds and on click casting, you'll have to go with an addon but I personally hate healing that way. If you like keyboard casting, you may want to look into it.

    It has some perks like having the debuff settings preconfigured by blizzard on a per fight basis and never being out of date when a patch hits. It's obviously limited in customization, but could be exactly what you're looking for like it is for me. Also the addon omnicc adds duration timers to your HoTs on the raid frames.
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    I just use the default raid frames as well. I have Grid but I don't use it for anything really, and I've never been interested in downloading a mod to make this already easy game even easier. There's truly no need for Healbot or any other addons because healing isn't hard to begin with. The only AddOn I'd really recommend is Quartz, which is less of a healer specific addon and more of a caster addon in general, and just makes the cast bar look nice and show GCD and such.

    As for Druid healing in particular Tranks pretty much covered everything. Once you get decent gear you can spam Rejuv a bit more without worrying about mana, but other than that just keep 3 stacks of LB on the tank and use Swiftmend/Wild Growth on CD and you should be fine.

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    Thanks you all for your comments! I really appreciate them.

    I was "forced" to heal last night in raid. We were trying to down Garalon (10N). (We just recently got our raid team together after server and guild tranfers.) My healing was beginning to be better. I bind mouse 4 and 5 buttons to healbot so I can have rejuvenation and wild growth with mouse buttons. The hardest part for me was maybe being alive. 41% of my healing was targeted to me according worlds of logs. I think I'm maybe too focused to casting and not paying attention to my surroundings. But! I think I will be successful 3rd healer in our team (what we really need). I'm not sure if I like it better than ripping things as cat. And I think my healing was quite good last night when you consider that I have only done few lfr's (no need for healing), one dungeon and now this.

    My healing gear is 474 so it's not really low but its not ideal either.

    I will look up Grid and Quartz. Now I use Pitbull for frames and it's quite flexible. I think I have configure it differently when dpsing and when healing.

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