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    Prot Warrior Gemming Situation

    Hello i have a question about gemming my char. I finally hit the gear level to be able to hard cap Exp and soft cap hit and still have some ability to reforge mastery and what not. My question is at this point in my gear level should i just stack Stam gems? Or just leave it as is? Suggestions?

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    There's no point/cap where you have to stack stam instead of mastery.
    As long as you're not getting one/two shotted, which shouldn't happen unless you plan on doing 25hc or you severly undergear what you are doing, you don't need more stamina. Since you seem to be progressing in normal mode 10m ToT with 500+ilvl just keep on stacking mastery.

    If you really happen to need more health on a particular encounter (typically magic heavy fights like megaera), you'll be better off just swapping out your trinkets for stamina ones than regemming your whole gear.

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    Is there no point where Mastery become superfluous? I though I'd seen somewhere that if Crit-Block is ~65% unbuffed, then Stamina/Parry become more attractive stats.

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    The general lack of concensus is:

    Exp/Hit > Mastery (I don't know the point where mastery is out-weighted by parry.)
    Exp/Hit > Stamina

    see http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...ina-or-mastery

    Personally I'm favouring stamina because the bosses are dealing 80% damage hits on me and the more stamina I have the safer I am. Mastery will reduce the average amount of healing you require, but it cannot be relied upon when bosses are hitting you for large amounts. (Note: this is different from early Cata where the model was large health pools, relatively small hits, and healers had mana issues).
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    you're likely wrong, and we don't care anyway.

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