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    SR vs Rip in up times

    Hey everyone

    I was trying to find better ways to increase damage in bgs.. should I be keeping SR up more and then the next energy burn I use Rip?

    I was just mainly trying to think what would help more in dps in bgs.

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    Well yes, you should have sr up if you wish to do any significant damage at all, especially when ripping.

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    SR is first priority, Rip is second. Then after that maim/FB(if they are low).

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    SR in 5.3 will be probably even more significant than it is now, going from 30% to 40% physical damage.

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    Honestly depends on your target and how many people are on him.

    If your target is only going to survive for less than 10 seconds, keeping SR up is probably first prio, then FB is second. I'd only really rip in (random) bgs if it's a healer, or you're completely 1v1 and it's going to tick more than 3-4 times.

    (I haven't played Feral since S11 - so this may be completely wrong now, but rip used to have to tick 3-4 times to out damage even a 0 energy Fbite).

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