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    quick question about gear

    Heya! I just got my hands on, currently using
    My question is: is it worth it? considering i dont have any OH save for the feng normal one...
    Pls help an old chicken!

    Dot like there's no tomorrow.

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    Nadagast + fan:
    1537 int (including OH-enchant, plus socket-bonus)
    2089 stam
    843 spirit (470 hit)
    457 haste
    450 crit
    10078 SP
    1 gem slot

    Invocation of the Dawn:
    1558 int
    2338 stam
    962 crit
    1085 mastery
    8925 spellpower

    Nadagast + fan gives ~1000 SP more than 2h, so I'd go with that.

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    so the 1000sp (roughly) outshines the loss of crit and mastery?

    Dot like there's no tomorrow.

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    I'd say so, yeah. The loss of crit is pretty much non-existant seeing as the gemslot is yellow and you get a 320 crit gem. You'd only lose some mastery, but gain some haste and spirit which can be reforged. So I'd definitely go with 1h+OH.

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    Thanks for your answer, lady duck, I'll remember to feed some ducklings at my local pond!

    Dot like there's no tomorrow.

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