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    [Resto] Courageous Primal Diamond

    So, I just obtained the Legendary meta gem today and I'm trying to figure out what to spend the new "Clearcasting" on. First note that I play in 10-man (which I think will be important).


    I've gone for the 3043 breakpoint and flooded myself with Mastery after that. Fine. But what spells to cast? With the reduction of Rejuvenation's GCD to roughly 1 second I could spam four Rejuvenations, but there's a chance that I would already have multiple of those spread prior to my casting. Maybe a priority such as:

    Rejuv > Wild Growth > Swiftmend

    I do not really know. Any additional thoughts or already thought out math? I would greatly appreciate the discussion.

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    I think it really depends on the situation. If everyone is full, I'll just rejuv a couple. If most are full and some are lower, I'd regrowth them. If everyone's slightly low I'd WG + rejuv.

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    I just got mine last night and man is that buff fast. I don't know if it's really even worth it to track. By the time you realize you have the buff, it's half gone. I've got a tellmewhen thing set up but I think I may end up running without it. As long as you are casting during the buff, it'll be a strong meta and if you aren't casting when the buff is up, well, not much healing needed then. Obviously not the most min-max suggestion, but I'm thinking real world this may be a socket and forget. It's quite a bit different than our own clearcasting mechanic.

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    I'd suggest getting some very visible weakaura to track it, otherwise it will be nearly impossible to utilize properly.

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    I utilize it with TellMeWhen using this ^1^T^SOnlyMine^B ^SType^Sbuff ^SName^SClearcasting ^SCustomTex^S16870 ^SEnabled^B ^t^N61501^S~`~| ^Sicon^^ it works for a free cascade or even a free PoH for possible DAs

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    Ok, after trying it out tonight, I can say while it isn't mandatory to track it, it does help. As far as I can say, it's best to only rejuv while the buff is up. Everything else is too slow. You can squeeze in several rejuvs. Regrowth's cast means you can really only get one off under normal circumstances and it competes with our class clearcasting. The meta gem synergizes really well with with mushrooms if you can find a good use for them since the free rejuvs can fill them up fast if the meta procs at a bad time. I personally just try to put the mushrooms where they're only in range of the tank.

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