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    Red face [H] <Psyche> Frostmourne Recruiting for 5.4

    Are you a game-crazy, pvper/raider looking for weekly late night guild raids/rbg?

    Welcome to Psyche, a new raid and pvp guild on Frostmourne. (ASEAN based with a handful of Aussies)

    We're a group of 'real life' and in-game friends who've been playing together since vanilla, and can't seem to get enough of WoW. All of us hold full-time jobs, so our game time is very precious - when we're online, we focus on progression and having an awesome time with great people. We're also big on pvp, both arena and rbg.

    Current progression = 12/12

    We are in need of the following to strengthen our core team:

    Tanks: nil
    Mdps: nil
    Rdps: nil
    Heals x 1: Druid / Monk / Paladin

    Raid dates and times:

    Monday , Thursday , Sunday
    11pm - 2am (Server time, AEST)
    9pm - 12midn (GMT +8)

    If you're interested in joining either our core raiding team or want to be a part of our rotating team, just drop either Woã, Pÿnx or Fidessa a message in-game, or reply to this post. You can also add woa717#1820 or KittyKat#1340 if that's easier.

    Speak soon!
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    bump for 2/12, more to come

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    bump 12/12 now, looking for competent players

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    still looking to fill our core team :P

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    1 core spot for 5.4 !

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    2 healers in need, final push til 5.4!

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    1 healer for our core team. Decent potential team!

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    Im in a wheelchair would that be a problem?

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