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    pally and warlock and death knight mount upgrades

    I think the paladin and warlock mounts need a big upgrade, they've been the same for almost 10 years (since the game was created) and i feel they need an upgrade. It'd be neat to see once you hit level 60, the paladin's Charger gains wings that glow with a holy aura, while the warlock's Deathsteed gets demonic wings that glow with an unholy aura with some fire in them, it'd really give them a remake and id love to use my class mounts if Blizzard did that. I used to always use my class mounts, but now they feel kind of outdated as they've been the same since they were created. Death knights could use an upgrade on the gryphon, maybe get a windrider if you're horde or something like that since theyve had that mount for a while too.

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    I wouldn't mind new models but I would rather they work on the race models and animations. If they happen to finish early or on time I suppose they could do it but it seems unlikely since they don't usually go changing old models.
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