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    Umm... I don't think you understand. That particular scenario is a MAJOR step towards 5.4. It's actually the one I am most looking forward to playing through. Something major happens there.
    I do understand that, it's just this "lore" isn't making any sense at all:

    - big holes out of nowere
    - excavations
    - old gods
    - "something" that gives life to rocks
    - pandas
    - this
    - that

    I mean, seriously... That's not even original at all, it's dull and boring and i'm pretty sure i'm not the only one that has this opinion.
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    WoW is like a bad fanfic that takes years to read.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bozzna View Post
    Next expansion Thrall makes a baby with Nozdormu which can travel back in time and is a Mage/Shaman/Priest hybrid and gets kidnapped by Kael'thas who got ressurected by a horse using Nefarian's lightning machine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wilcox1232 View Post
    Because the enrage timer for out of date content to get gear that is supposed to be a quick gear up really matters
    Like I said, it is all about encouragement. When we are seeing large amounts of damage dealers content with their sub-40k output (hell, I've seen DPS as low as 10k), the clear problem is that the general standard that people have of damage dealer's competence is too low.

    With Garalon's original enrage timer, the DPS requirement for each damage dealerignoring all mechanics is about 86.5k (on 10 man normal at least). Please note the "ignoring all mechanics" part, which includes the legs which have 100% increased damage taken from players in their vicinity. This alone takes that 86.5k down towards roughly 50k or lower (also consider the tank's DPS). With the new 12 minute enrage timer, the DPS requirement is around 50k ignoring all mechanics, therefore lower than 30k in the actual fight. 30k was the "meh" dps level of Dragon Soul normal. That was 5 player levels and about 100 item levels ago.

    Maybe "outdated" content nerfs don't matter as much, but you said yourself that it is a gear-up. When a raiding guild is gearing in an instance that is effectively telling them that 30k is an acceptable DPS output these days (hint: it is less than half of the acceptable DPS output these days), then many people are going to get a nasty shock in T15. Or they come into LFR doing 30k, dragging down everyone else in the instance and wasting everyone's time.

    Bottom line: In a time where a majority of damage dealers act as if their damage output doesn't matter, don't encourage people to act as if their damage output doesn't matter. Tough enrage fights are there for a good reason.

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    When did these go live cause I didn't see a difference from our previous kills???

    Referring to ToT kills: horridon and council fights
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    Holy shit stop nerfing crap. They baby everyone in this game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferrouswheel View Post
    Holy shit stop nerfing crap. They baby everyone in this game.
    "Yay lets nerf everything, because of the casuals!" Hey casuals didn't you get lfr and you abuse that system too? This is getting so old. Some of us like a challenge! Way to make the funnest fight easy mode!

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