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    Alliance healers 2

    Lol I just read some of the comments on my last thread. Some of you cant read I guess. Pvp or pve? Hello its in the pvp section. Also I play alliance not horde. Anytime I play a dps in "PVP" the healers always suck on our side, but when I play a healer theres always like 4 other healers and I usually end up dpsing on my healer because theres nothing to do..

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    So, what is there to discuss? I do not understand your point no matter how many times I read your thread. Random Bgs are random and mainly used to grind honor for people who are undergeared, so obviously you will see people getting killed all the time. I play both side, and sometimes horde wins when I play ally and sometimes ally wins when I play horde. There is no point in searching for a balance in regular Bgs.

    Also just to point out, you should not make 2 thread about the same subject, you can just reply to your first thread
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    Don't reopen threads to continue arguments after your thread was closed.

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