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    Fix our healing?

    Hi there!

    I'm currently raiding with a resto druid who is doing some relatively low healing in comparison to our other healers, now this is obviously because resto druids are not on the same level as the other classes but should it be this low?


    Can you see anything she could fix to make it better?

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    Gear and logs seem in order , harmony uptime and lifebloom uptime could be slightly better on some fights. But, considering a lot of hots are sniped by the holy pally and the fact that normal modes don't have much damage going around anyway( rdruids shine in a heavy damage environment ) , and the relatively low gear of the druid , i'd say there is nothing wrong.
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    Resto druids in general are very competitive this patch esp for 10 man. Not really the case when you are three healing esp with a prot pally tank and two absorb healers as healing partners. Between there being 2 other healers, the prot pally doing stupid amts of healing and absorb mechanics, the poor druid's heals are getting gobbled up. She's doing 50% overheal in those logs and I'm sure there's not much she can do about that given the circumstances. As far as I can tell, she's doing everything right from glancing at it, good harmony uptime etc. She could try soul of the forest to try to get more ticks out of wild growth before his HoTs get sniped. She may also want to gem out of spirit into int or mastery, but these things are rather minor. If you're downing bosses, there's nothing to worry about. You really just have more healing output than you need and druid will always get the short end of the stick when that happens. You should consider two healing. I personally two heal everything but Ji-Kun with a holy pally and bosses go down easy with the extra dps.

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    I would definitely recommend two healing as said above. I've healed every boss up to 4/13 Heroic two healing with a Pally, and I can be pretty competitive with him on most fights. The fights will go down faster, and you'll actually have something to do while two healing, so its a win-win for all!

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