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    How many Secrets of the Empire do you have?

    I currently have 15 secrets of the empire out of my 64 boss kills(not counting lfr) and most of my guild mates are already done with their 20. I was curious if I've just been real unlucky or if this is an average amount at this time. It really sucks not being able to get the legendary gem due to some bad rng. So, how many do you have?

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    I have 14 or 15 myself. Couple people in my guild have hit 20, some more than 20. Though I have only a total of 48 boss kills not counting LFR (those in my guild that have hit 20 are likely at a similar # of kills). So it would seem you've been fairly unlucky.

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    I have 12, cleared 12/12 or close to it every week since TOT released.

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    I have 12 too, dont miss many bosses. gg RNG quest

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    11 >: extremely unlucky.

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    If it makes you all feel any better, my warlock has 3 , my DK has 14.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meleti View Post
    I have 12, cleared 12/12 or close to it every week since TOT released.
    this except 6

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    9. I additionally write this sentence to have more then 10 words in my post.

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    Done & completed. I was very lucky with my drops. I completed the quest + got my gem this afternoon.

    I think this is Blizzard's way of making it up to me for not dropping a Sigil of Wisdom for me for like 2 weeks during the last raid.

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    11. Full clears every week including a handful of heroics.
    Rng gonna rng
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    Blizzard offered cardboard cut outs with poster pictures of bosses stapled on them upside down and sideways and many players now feel that is raiding.

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    Got 20 and then 2 more on the last 2 bosses last week. Got the meta now - it's really great.

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    Because I handed them in and got the legendary meta

    Hooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Zing

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    8. One of my guildies has 16 on his alt, it makes me very sad.
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    10 now *sad panda*

    We already have one person with meta gem in the raid and many are above 15... while 2 or 3 unlucky people are still stuck at 9-10... And I've been in every boss kill too (51)... *hangs head* *is a very unlucky hoofie*
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    Zero, as in I haven't gotten a single one yet. Been on the quest since shortly after 5.2 launched.

    Been clearing LFR as it comes available, so I don't have as many kills under my belt as some people, but I would have hoped to get at least one by now...

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    11. I've been running LFR only. I wish we could vendor the legendary gem, my alts blow thru to 480 so fast none of them are getting sha-touched weapons and have no reason to even glance back when they can do ToT.

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    16 and im 6/12 N
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    Got 8 on the first reset
    4 on the second one
    and 3 since the second reset :S:S

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    I would rather make shadowmourne again, at least heroics gave you good odds at shards.

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    15 here, all just from LFR

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