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    6 weeks to get meta gem doesn't seem so bad when you're getting 1 secret per full clear for the past month.

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    19/20. should be able to get 1 during this reset and be done with it unless I just jinxed it

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    I think the titan rune stones are for the 5.3 step as you get the Gem after the secrets with no 5.2 prize later on until 5.3. and as for not having the problem of 6k valor the problem was not the time it took to do it it was the time it took doing that step after 5.2 it was insanely long. for the 2 marks you needed for step one they just upped the drop chance and boom a 6 week quest became a 3 week one and they are doing that in 5.3 for the valor you will only need 3k (the 6k valor achievement needs to move to a feat then too).

    so the 5.0 step was dropped in time during 5.2 (much grater drop chance)
    and the 5.1 step will be dropped in 5.3 (only need 3k valor)
    i can see the 5.2 step getting dropped in 5.4 (much grater drop chance)

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    None. I am a slacker and only just finished the test the test for valor (don't tell my raid).

    Luckily I finished the NPC, exalted rep, and BG quests the same day, so I caught up quick in terms of quest steps, but now I'm a couple weeks behind on collecting Secrets of the Empire.
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    18/20! this week, 12/12, nothing D:

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    I finished mine today, last week i received 8 out of the 11 bosses we killed. The capacitor gem is bugged now of course though, maybe by tomorrow it will work.

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    0!! cause i changed alt midway this tier and vp 6k thing is really annoying (its being changted in 5.3 and im done this week T.T)

    on other hand my mage was sitting 14 with 3weeks of heroic/normal but i dont play her :/ (cant be bothered with lfr) in oceanic now Lol

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    And there's another step that you have to deal with more drops again...

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    20/20 and 1/12 on my main. Took me 55 boss kills to get 20 secrets.

    However 2/20 on my reroll with which I killed ~20bosses, pretty glad it's my reroll that's so unlucky and not my main x)

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    I have none, do have this pretty sweet orange meta gem though

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    15 now, got 6 so far this week. still 1 boss left to kill tho.

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    8 from only clearing all lfr wings every week so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robodin View Post
    0, as I'm still stuck on A Test of Valor...
    wait till 5.3 - they "devs" finally noticed that 6k is way over the top and reduce it to 3k....

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    Always hated the randomness since I never was lucky dropwise. Still remember the 10 months of killing Nef in BWL every week and not getting the T2 chest piece because it only dropped once for my class (the guy who got it never got the gloves though).

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    40 boss kills, 2 secrets.

    God RNG is so epic and exciting, truly a legendary experience.
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    2 from my 12 kills this week... meh

    Dosnt matter if I had got it anyway as you need a helm from ToT to even use the damn thing.

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    I have 4 iirc my guild is only at Ji-Kun though

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    11/20 - 1/9 last id and 0/12 this id ....I think I will not see the Meta until 5.3

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    Quote Originally Posted by kassy View Post
    8 from only clearing all lfr wings every week so far.
    8, from clearing 12/12 since week 1

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    Been doing full LFR runs and normal ToT (we just killed Lei-shen last week) since the release of ToT and I have only 6 of them.. wtf
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