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    Quote Originally Posted by Chip2 View Post
    9 with killing all 12 bosses every single week. This is the most horrible rng drop to date, considering its importance. Horrendous.
    Just to point out.. it is not very important. the 5.2 raid was designed WITHOUT people having the gem. A ton of guilds cleared normal mode the first week without the gem. Heroic mode was cleared without people having the gem.

    You should have it before 5.3 launches, or very shortly afterwards, and definitely should have it before the 5.4 raid. that is all that is needed.

    I am at 13 myself, I missed about 10 boss kills though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fummockelchen View Post
    wait till 5.3 - they "devs" finally noticed that 6k is way over the top and reduce it to 3k....
    Except 6k valor was a static amount that you knew when you'd reach. Also, all your guild mates would all finish at the same time. This gem is proving to have some interesting rng penalties if you ever sat for any bosses during progression/farm for other members to get loot. Chances are you are going to fall behind quite a bit if you don't have a gem but other people do.

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    0. Still working on my Test of Valor. As a Healer who hates dailies, and finds LFR to be some of the worst form of raiding ever, I struggle to get my full 1,000 a week. I could run more dungeons, but I also have a lot of work, and that saps so much time!

    All comments are my own personal views & opinions.

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    0. New main (Shaman) is on the damn test of valor quest. That takes FOREVER. Literally.

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    Now at 15 after another 12 bosses in LFR, so another 3 this week. =)

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    I'm at 13, only done 6 bosses this week though so still got a chance at more, but we have 5 people from our raid completed a few others at 15-18, myself at 13 then our poor boomkin at only 7

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    Quote Originally Posted by dmcadidas15 View Post
    I currently have 15 secrets of the empire out of my 64 boss kills(not counting lfr) and most of my guild mates are already done with their 20. I was curious if I've just been real unlucky or if this is an average amount at this time. It really sucks not being able to get the legendary gem due to some bad rng. So, how many do you have?
    I have 14 and I still have 9 bosses to kill this week, so I think you are about average. I think your guildies have had good RNG.

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    17, still one wing to do.

    Been pretty lucky this week, dropped 5 in 9 boss.. Makes even because I can't drop any loots otherwise.

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    I'm at 11 as a mere LFR-hero running all of ToT that was available up to this week (one wing to go this lockout), it went very slowly until this week (Only had 6 secrets, all the trillium), this week the secrets suddenly started dropping like failbags, RNG being RNG, i suppose...

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    18 now. 4 dropped this week after 12 LFR bosses. Still no headpiece to put it in. Saved a coin for Horridon in my 10 man attempt this friday in hopes of getting the Flamecaster's Burning Crown.

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    Started this reset with 17 on my shaman. Blizzard teased me with 0/8 first bosses but got my 20th on 12th. ^^
    Monk is 17 now, so hopefully next week.

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    19/20, done 12/12 this week already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluorescent0 View Post
    19/20, done 12/12 this week already.
    Same. LFR has been very kind to me. Got 5 this week and 5 last week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rated View Post
    Same. LFR has been very kind to me. Got 5 this week and 5 last week.
    Was very lucky this week (but not on loot), had 7, for a total of 19/20 (sadface).

    Running LFR every week and some normal but that doesnt count since you can't loot on both.

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    19! I've done all LFR and half of ToT heroic this week without finding one. Hopefully the other half will net me one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xilit View Post
    19! I've done all LFR and half of ToT heroic this week without finding one. Hopefully the other half will net me one!
    You can only get one per boss that week, so if you did all of lfr this week then you aint getting a single one in your main raid.

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    Does anyone know if you can loot titan runestones on normal after getting loot-locked for secrets in lfr? Kind of doubt it's possible but you never know how it's programmed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valech View Post
    9. I additionally write this sentence to have more then 10 words in my post.
    And I am quoting this because I have similar experiences with having but 9.

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    Was stuck at 12 for 2 weeks while my char was bugged. (couldent get rep nor any secrets)
    Last week my char got fixed and got only one secret, killed Jin'rokh today and it awarded me 1+ a heroic bow from coin
    So at 14 now, hoping for 6 more from the last 11 bosses

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    first week cleared of LFR TOT + 5 bosses down in TOT Normal I have 3 secrets so far

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