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    Quote Originally Posted by Libertarian View Post
    Maybe if you cleared 12/12 normal every week since it started, you would be on the same level as us. Don't expect to be near people who are finished when you are killing way few bosses overall.
    My humblest apologies, oh great raiding master. Perhaps I may clarify? You seem to have missed the part where I make note of the fact that "It is what it is" and a 25-30% drop rate is fine. And that my frustration stems from a week where my *actual* acquisition rate fell to 11%, or that I'm behind even compared to other people running LFR this whole time? Yeah, that's the problem. So take your attitude elsewhere.

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    Around 38 boss kills on normal and 4 secrets...

    I hate this rng system where there are always some people bound to be screwed by it. Requiring higher number of these items and increasing drop rate to say 50% would've been much better imo.
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    9 with killing all 12 bosses every single week. This is the most horrible rng drop to date, considering its importance. Horrendous.

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    11/20, with only having done LFR, and skipping a lot of that even.
    Classic servers are silly.

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    I'm up to 17 with Lei Shen still to go after. I think I've averaged about one secret per three or four bosses, with getting lucky and getting like five so far this week.

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    Guild is 1/12heroic, and I have 6 total...6! 6!!!! Everyone else has 15+...very irritating.

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    2 .................. With this rate it will take half year +++

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    The Patient
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    11 just with LFR

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    up to 5 now. lol. 25% done. Woot.

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    69 Normal/Heroic kills and 14 secrets. Quest is incredibly dumb.

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    I got my 20th 2 nights ago. Loving the meta so far!
    The amount of RNG involved sucks. ><
    0/12 Titan Runestones though. Not really sure what bosses drop these.. or if they drop in LFR.

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    16/20, 12 bosses each week since release. A guildie had his 20 secrets last week but was unable to finish the lance quest until this reset because nalak wasn't open yet. Second week was by far the worst for me, had 0 secrets to drop.
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    I have 4, but I got the quest very recently, so the 4 I have came from the LFR run this week.

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    0; I got my Meta on Wednesday \o/

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    got 20 and my gem last night.
    Very lucky

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    7, got 1 from jin'rokh second week, and 6 from lfr last week.

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    Had 20 before Nalak was up, can't even use because my helm's ilvl is too low lol

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    killed 91 boss's, mix of LFR / normal / heroics.. and i only have 17 lol

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    have four at the moment; killed around 34 bosses so far. Things will be faster once the last part of raidfinder opens up; i hope

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    Atm 9, just from doing LFR. And i can still do one part this week.

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