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    Spirit bond question

    I remember a while back reading that once you have over 450k health points you should use spirit bond instead of aspect of the iron hawk, anyone know if this is still correct?

    (449k unbuffed now...500~ with buffs)


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    why would your health matter ? you take spirit bond in fights with prolonged and consistent raid dmg.. like heroic will of the emperor.. the benefit outweighs the dmg reduction.. but on most fights, those heals would just be wasted as overhealing.. and in most fights there are small windows of burst dmg.. in which case aspect of the iron hawk would be more beneficial.. those talent choices are simply fight based.. you switch accordingly.. your hp is irrelevant as whatever dmg you are going to recieve will be properly scaled (current tier).. and it will be proportionate to your hp.. spirit bond would only be beneficial with regards to hp in case you're doing old raids or something..

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    I think it really depends on the fight. I myself have been using Exhilaration. I've had much better luck staying alive with this talent as I can use it as needed.

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    Depends on the situation... comparing them directly like that and setting up some 450k hp breakpoint would be entirely dependent on your incoming damage, how spread out it is, are you being healed, how often is it going to overheal... etc..

    2% of 450k is 9000 HP/2sec or 4500 HPS. The damage intake that is equivalent to that is 30,000 DPS (in terms of what Iron Hawk reduces).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Saoron View Post
    ... your hp is irrelevant as whatever dmg you are going to recieve will be properly scaled (current tier).. and it will be proportionate to your hp..
    What the f...? So you're basically saying that Blizzard coded the current tier so that the more stamina people have the more (absolute) damage they take? Getting punished for having more health? So if a player has 400k health a mob will not do 100k damage, but 25% of the players maximum health (which is the same, but for different reasons)? The same attack on a player with 500k health will deal 125k damage?

    I don't think I understood this right, or?

    Or are you rather referring to the talents, both of them, being tied to maximum player HP? But that wouldn't be the case.
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    What he is saying is.. as the expansion progresses and as the fights get harder, the hard the abilities will be hitting for. Its not that they scale with your gear, but more so scaling with the difficulty of the fight.

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