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    Trinket Question

    hey all so im currently using 522 Renataki's Soul Charm and my 484 upgrade2/2 Relic of Xuen

    my question is should i save my valor buy cloak or get vicious to replace my Xuen?
    maxdps, icy veins have both said the vicious trinket is higher then Xuen but femaledwarf says i lose 833dps wen i equip vicious fully reforged out of hit which was only 1 piece of gear which went to mastery instead i gain 347dps is this even worth it? im a little confused on which way to go about this

    any advice?


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    There's a lot of discussion on this very topic here: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...ility-Trinkets

    On the first page, I'd say to read through that, and if you don't find a good answer, ask in that thread, a lot of players watch that thread closely.
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    Get the VP trinket and run Crit > Haste > Mastery.

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    Your only problem with the VP trinket and RSC is the huge amount of hit and expertise you'll have. If you're massively over the cap, and thus wasting all the secondaries on them then that's probably why it's suggesting Xuen is better.

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