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    "I really want to get around to doing it but I expect it won't happen"

    That's my usual definition of Soon. Most people who say soon mean, "it won't happen but it's rude to say no". (Edit: of course, excepting mundane context like "when is dinner")

    In the Blizzard world, I've come to learn Soon means "don't get your hopes up". I remember... Was it in TBC? Where I was playing my druid a lot. I was gonna take a break of WoW, but then the devs said, about new druid forms, that it'd be "soon" and I decided to keep playing until then, thinking in my naivity it'd be at most 2 months. Yeah, right.

    In their defense, new druid forms did happen. Eventually. In a very distant point in the future. New models have been taking the same road. I almost got my hopes up for that one when they went Soon on us. Yeah, right...
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    soon in my book is 5-10 mins should not take my bf any longer to make me coffe >.<

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    if it's like a task

    0-24 hours ((Depending on the task ofcourse))

    If it's a game..couple of months-year.
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    Soon is a relative term, so you can't specify it down into how long it is. If you are cooking and you say its soon done it might be minutes, but working on a report it could be days.
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    Fuck you, that's where.
    In a minute= 1 second to 5 minutes.
    Soon= 5-20 minutes.
    Later= 20 minutes or never.
    Tomorrow= Probably never.
    In the future= Never.

    That's how I usually do it.
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    well if i use "soon", i'm talking about something that will happen today or tomorrow

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    As others have said, it's entirely relative to every situation. On the phone with someone and they tell me they're already at the bar? "I'll be there soon", means in less than half hour. Talking to someone on steam about playing a game "I'm gonna check that out sometime soon", probably means a few weeks but could end up being a month or more.

    It's one of those weird words that means something different for everyone in every situation, and is often even a filler word for people who don't want to commit to a timeframe or just a polite thing to mean "not right now", unless you're talking about an immediate situation.

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    It is completely dependend on the context it is used:

    "I'll soon go for lunch" - Minutes to one hour
    "I'll soon go on vaccation" - Days to weeks
    "They will soon invent the warp engine" - maybe tomorrow, maybe never

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    On a daily basis I take Soon too mean anything from Not long to Shortly IE 1 minuet to 2 hours depending on the situation
    Blizzard Soon™ I take to mean "Shut up asking, it will be done when its done"
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    soon means "within the year" for blizzard lol
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    Completely dependent on the topic.

    I'm trying to sell our house, and when I say I think it will sell soon I mean a couple of months. When I am working on a quick fix at work soon means a couple of hours. When I'm at home and I say I'll take the trash out soon it's a matter of minutes.

    To me, soon means the earlier end of the expected time-frame.

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    "Soon" is "Anytime between next month and never."
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    Coming from a company that does software development and pushes out updates on a fairly regular basis, soon typically means either they are currently working on it but don't feel comfortable enough to have a hard release date as there are still problems or it has not passed QA testing yet. OR (less commonly in software development) they are just finishing up this patch and it will be included in their next release. (In blizzards case I would suggest the former is the most likely).

    Soon is a subjective term, you have to take into account the framework it is coming from. Soon to a pizza company typically means with in 30 minutes, soon to Microsoft developing a new Windows operating system can mean sometime this year! It all depends on how long the entire development process takes from start to finish to determine what soon typically means. Unless it is being used facetiously in which case who he hell knows O_O.
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    Soon for me is something that is going to happen in a very short ammount of time, soon for Blizzard is "some point between now and the future with the future being the end of time."

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    If it's something one doesn't like to do, like going to a dentist, then it can mean "several years".

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