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    PVE Trinkets in PvP [Solution]

    As many people have pointed out pve trinkets are becoming better and better for pvp. Even with the ilvl reductions for pve trinket procs, they still dominate pvp. I know blizzard removed resilience from pvp gear to make it easier on pve players to get into pvp, but I think pvp trinkets need to have resilience to make them attractive. I propose changing pvp base resilience to 60% instead of 65% and adding 1000 resilience to pvp trinkets. This would keep total resilience about the same and make the trinkets better for pvp. While this could hurt some pve players, they can easily farm trinkets first and have the same amount of resilience in no time. Besides if you're getting into pvp and not human you need your cc trinket first anyways.

    Another possible solution is putting a greater amount of pvp power on trinkets. This could be a problem as damage might get out of control and humans could be even stronger. For those reasons I prefer my first solution. If nothing is done better start raiding.

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    Another solution is to make Epic quality PvE trinket procs and on use effects simply not work in Battlegrounds and Arenas.

    Passive stat benefits only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Briga View Post
    Another solution is to make Epic quality PvE trinket procs and on use effects simply not work in Battlegrounds and Arenas.

    Passive stat benefits only.
    Yeah that. They are not taking resilience off gear just to put it back on.

    For some reason PVE trinkets had to have a much longer ICD and a much larger attribute number because of that. So make the trinket proc not function, or match the PVP trinket proc.
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    let's see, 1864 pvp power vs 1152 hit( around 400 goes to waste) which makes it 1864 vs 752, proc with 30 % extra agi with subtlety makes it 5288(45sec icd) vs 8980(105sec icd) both with duration of 20sec.

    This means that this trinket is barely useful, and only for rogues. With approx. stat weights during burst it's 7150 vs 9600(that being weights in favour of pve) , that makes it 25% stronger during burst.

    However pvp trinket having less that half of pve icd, the overall pressure from proc from pvp trinket is around 55% better.

    Base stats from pvp trinket are 120% better. So if you survive intial proc with dance, you're in huge advantage. Generally it's not really good to do shadow blades in first proc, because you can counter it quite easily with all cd's, and after that it's very hard to line up all cds with 105 icd. So you can wait for 45 sec with your second dance, or stall 15 sec with your trinket proc and use it on third, neither of which are very good solutions, or just connect without dance on proc.

    It might be fun to burst someone on proc, but I don't think best rogues will be using it.
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    Still good for human rogues coupled with the pvp proc trinket. Still a HUGE agility boost. Granted not as insane as it used to be but still good.
    these two trinkets and marked for death talent can really put out some pressure.

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    Another Problem is the limited Conquest Items availability for a while.
    So for a while, even if conquest Gear is better, before Everybody has enough Conquest for all their Items, you are better geared if you add Raiding Items to your PvP gear for some months.

    It's sad that you have to do both PvP and PvE even if you aren't interested in one of them.
    For PvP, People had(have) to get some PvE gear from HCs either because it was BiS or because of the limited Conquest and for other reasons the People mentioned here.

    PvE wise you had to do Conquest Point grinding at Launch before the Raids were open and for some weeks afterwards because the Conquest Items are better than Dungeon Items. Even right now if you Level an Alt or are a new Player who wants to Raid then your best bet is go to Arena and get 493/496 ilvl Boots with a Gem socket which is far batter than any free PvE Item.

    At least pet battles are exlcluded and (yet) and you don't have to get 2200 Arena Rating for Access to the best Battle Pets and nor do you have to level up Battle Pets to lvl25 in order to buy Valor and Conquest items. Hopefully Blizzard won't interconnect these also.
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    Yeah, or a far better solution: Set proc chance of PvE trinkets to 0% in PvP.
    Since they already have a reduced proc chance in PvP, it's only a matter of changing that number into a 0, nothing more then 2 minutes of work.

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