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    I have not seen any of this you guys are talking about. I have done every single quest available in Pandaria. What do I need to do to open this questline? Is it just get dominance offensive to revered?
    I am not even sure the horde sees anything in Darnassus. And yes I think I got this around revered or very close to exalted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaelorian View Post
    Lol people call that an attack ^^ funny stuff.

    But yeah I understand ofcourse that when it is just a stealthy thing that you don't see any or many corpses. So I didn't miss anything, I just didn't think that people in this thread would actually call that an attack... I wonder what they would have called it if there were 5 corpses - the apocalypse?
    It was an act of aggression. That can fall as easily under the definition of 'attack' as an invasion of 10,000 orcs. The fact that anyone died at all makes it more than justified to use the term imo.

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    as you gain reputation with the dominance offensive regular yellow quests unlock over time, they lead you through the entire storyline to the end. and with the last quest you will be rewarded a mount.

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