Cheers guys, sorry if this has been asked in a different way before, but I need to make absolutely 100% sure that I can do this before trying next week.

I'm extending the lockout for my raid tonight, meaning we'll start on Durumu. The plan is to kill 1-2 new bosses this week (we've been plagued by attendance issuse lately). To outline it clearly, I'll write it out extensively below.

April 16 - April 18

10 main raiders clear two new bosses, are now saved to 8/12N.

April 23 (Tuesday)

9 main raiders and one alt of the main group start a fresh ToT, clearing ~6/12N.

April 24 + 25

The main of the alt extends the lockout from April 16-18, and the other 9 mains join him. The raid as a whole starts on Dark Animus.

In theory, we could repeat this forever, right? With Tuesday being a fresh clear with an alt, and Wed/Thurs being a lockout extension of the previous week?

In suggesting this to my guild, it was clear that I was not clear at all, so if this is still confusing, ask and I'll try to clarify. I just need to know if this is possible. )