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    [H] LF Healers - 3 nights SemiHC

    The Wolfpack is a Horde guild on Llane (US-PvE) - established November 2008 - and still under the same leadership.
    (Tier 13: 8/8H, Tier 14: 16/16N, 1/16H, Tier 15: 3/12N)

    Semi-Hardcore Raiding with a Casual Schedule in an established guild of all adults.

    We are recruiting for a CORE raid spot. We do not maintain a bench and we do not sit players to maximize an encounter.
    Must be motivated and want to progress.


    TWO HEALERS Holy Paladin or Disc/Holy Priest Preferred
    Will happily consider a Resto Shaman or Mistweaver Monk

    Raid Nights: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
    8:30PM-11:00PM EST / 5:30PM-8:00PM PST

    We are losing our Paladin to boot camp and lost our Priest due to changing availability and desire to raid.

    • Applicants must be 18+, 21+ preferred.
    • We use Ventrilo (will be transitioning to Mumble soon).
    • Dedication to the team. 90%+ attendance is required. You must be able to commit to the raid schedule.
    • Commitment to the guild: If you only want to log in on raid night, we are not the guild for you.
    • Willingness to always improve yourself and help your team.
    • Knowledge of your class - You need to have a level of skill that is commensurate with the current content
    • Some experience in T14 and/or T15 and appropriate gear. (ideally a minimum ilevel of 500+)
    • Excellent Raid Awareness - if you can't get out of the bad crap on the ground please don't waste our time.

    Loot System:
    We use a Main Spec/Off Spec Roll system with a soft loot council (to ensure fairness if RNG is unkind).

    About Us:
    • We are an all adult, raid progression-oriented guild.
    • We're snarky with a sense of humor - don't be overly sensitive, you wouldn't be happy here.
    • The realm is EST - but the guild is comprised of players in all time zones.
    • We have husbands, wives, careers, military service, families, grad school, etc. so we balance our gaming experience with real life and provide a fun and interesting place to be in your free time.
    • We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding drama, elitism, or loot hogs.
    • No screaming, shouting, insults or otherwise unacceptable behavior - we act like adults and still get things done.
    • We do have ALT RUN Raids.

    We have an active roster that enjoys PvP, Killing World Bosses, Challenge Modes, guild contests/events, posting cat pictures on our website, writing blog posts, running old content for achievements and transmog. This is a large guild with a true sense of community.

    How Do I Join?:
    Please complete our Guild Application at:

    This is not a scary or difficult application. It's not like a "job". We want to know who you are and that you'll fit in well.

    Contact through our website is our strongly preferred method - however my BattleTag is Katzen#1366. Please leave a note about who you are if you do add my BattleTag.

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    still looking please

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