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    Fire - Megaera HC


    My guild is starting progressing on Megaera HC tomorrow. And I was wondering if anyone had any tips, advices and experience to share on how to aproach this boss as Fire?


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    First of all , don't expect to top the meters on megaera as a fire mage , it really isn't a good fight for us, and it's even worse with the adds ( aoe and shit )
    It's really like megaera on normal mode , except for the adds , so do as you do on normal mode .
    Normally you're not supposed to switch on the adds since it's way better for sp/warlocks/dks/etc... to do it , so really , not much change.
    Try to multidot them when your trinkets proc , though , if they have enough hp , even more if there is a lot of them.
    Multi dot them when a head dies too.

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    just focus down the head ignore the green head and adds. there are much better classes than mages that can handle these adds (ele shaman, destro lock)

    dont multi dot unless the head is dead or about to, your job is to kill the head asap and do as much damage you can before 4-5 breath

    use ROF on 5+head when stacking up

    TP seems to be better for this fight than IB imo........its argueable though

    blazing speed is pure win for clearing icy floor stuff when you have cinder debuff
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    Viable Glyphs: Ice Block, Combustion, Invisibility, Cone of Cold, Evocate

    - This depends on how fast you're killing each head. Most likely though, glyphed combustion is the way to go.
    - Ice Block is good because: Some times, you can get chosen to run the Frost Beam right after the head dies. Using Ice Block Glyphed is the safest way to get back to the raid clump and survive the Rampage.
    - Invisibility is nice for getting into the raid clump during Rampage (obviously this is with Greater Invis talent), and saving 300 food *cough* I mean uh... resetting the boss to get a Mass Rez so we don't have to run back!
    Like other's said, as a Mage, you shouldn't worry about the adds, focus on single target DPS.

    However: Ring of Frost and Dragon's Breath are both good to interrupt the channeled stun while you guys are all stacked up for Rampage.
    - One of the biggest killers are people getting stunned right as rampage goes out, so I always run over to do a quick Dragon's Breath right as we're stacking up.
    In terms of talents:
    - I always use PoM (but I'm an engineer so I have rocket boots)
    - I like IB more than TS on this fight because... sometimes the first 2 ticks of Cinders can be killer.
    - I like Greater Invis for the fight. It should be up every other rampage.


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